Domestic abuse victims often take photos of the truth: scars, bruises, etc. Photos are indicting. Those of us falsely accused do the same, and the truth of Love in the House surfaces.

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I posted this picture on Mother’s Day 2015, the first Mother’s Day following our daughter’s online post accusing of us of abuse. This photo of Wendy and our kids is beautiful, and I didn’t need to tell any of the children to fake their smile or act happy. It’s raw, unaltered and true. Our kids just loved on their mom and I snapped the photo.

Understand that our hearts were on the floor. For nearly a year my family suffered article after article telling a story of neglect and abuse that was foreign in our home. At the time we had little to say in response. Any kind of rebuttal would have been seen as denial, and our daughter had an online mob reposting and attacking us at every attempt of explanation. We suffered the online onslaught.

So, I posted the photo above. As well as this one, this one, and this one. To this day, I keep posting pictures of our loving family and I put them up on our Family Facebook Page. The photos are not as difficult to take as you think. They aren’t fabricated. It’s a simple formula — or purpose — in our family. It’s love.

Stories of hate are easy to fabricate, but photos of love seldom lie.

Truth is, we are not abusers. We never were. The picture above shows off the love in our house—as well as this picture, this picture, this picture, this picture—good grief, I could go on forever. These photos are not attempts to “cover” a stark reality. They show the truth.

Those who joined the online chorus that we were abusers could not pull up one photo of any kind of abuse. Not one. Why? Because we do not abuse our children. We are who we are, a family of Love in the House. The pictures prove it, and we beat the smearing every time.

Do you have a story similar to ours? I’d like to hear how you have faced the fabrications. I am assembling testimonies from families who have had similar experiences. Please post below, on my family’s Facebook Page, or send me a personal note.