Faking It

I know that I should ignore unhelpful criticism, but there is one that gets under my skin. The judgment that says, “Chris Jeub, you’re faking it.” Faking joy, faking smiles, faking love. Let me respond to that.

Jeub Family Easter 2016

Easter Dinner 2016

You and I would be hard pressed to find any person who set out to fake joy, fake smiles, fake love. I suppose some posers exist, but I don’t know many. We all set out to create families of joy, smiles and love. There may be times they “fake it till they make it,” but they press on and make their lives awesome.

To that criticism that claims I’m faking it: I’m not. 

That said, I hope I do not come across as anything but genuine. My life is full of struggle, heartache, pain and sorrow. But these depressing realities do not hinder the joy that is alive and well in my family and in my life.

Some of the most challenging realities of my life have brought about some of the most joyous blessings.

Now that is definitely not fake.

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  • The other day the daughter puked in the hallway and her brother slipped and fell in it.

    I laughed, snapped a picture, and wondered whether I should put it on Facebook. After all, people complain that Facebook is too fake.

    Do they want it to be that real, though?

    The fact of the matter is, there is enough sadness in the world. We need to focus on the moments that make us smile. If more of us did that, I think more of us would live the lives we wanted to live.

    P.S. That Easter photo is what I want. 6+ kid around the table, throwing rolls and having a good time, while I sit on the end enjoying it all. #thegoodlife