Field Day With Coach Kemp

This is my busiest time of the year. I’m literally working 20 hour days (I’m on a polyphasic sleep schedule). Camps are in the making and prep for publishing is roaring fast. Field day with the kids? I was tempted to skip it.

Field Day 2013

A dear friend of mine is fellow-entrepreneur Dave Kemp, a teacher who created his own business for phy-ed. He caters mainly to home education families in his organization called PE Plus. My kids attend PE Plus every week throughout the year, Wendy chums up with the other moms while the kids play, and my kids stay in generally good shape because of it.

At the end of the year, Dave and his wife, Debbie, gather about 500 homeschoolers in Castle Rock for an event called Field Day. Dave, Debbie and their host of teenage helpers rotate kids through games all over the city park. The event is capped with a tug-o-war with a massive 100′ rope.

Dave’s year is coming to a close. He paints in the summer to make some extra income, subsidizing his PE Plus business.

Come to think of it, Dave and I have a lot in common. We both cater to homeschoolers, we both have seasonal rotations, we both love teaching the kids, and we both are really good looking.

Well, at least he looks good in his hat.

It’s Dave’s end of the year, my beginning. I have tons of work to do. But taking a van full of kids to the park for field day was a non-negotiable in our family. No way. I wouldn’t miss it.

Here’s an old video, 5 years old, one of my daughter’s first video projects. It captures the spirit of PE Plus.

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  • I used to have a Coach Kemp so this post jumped out at me. I’m glad to see you’re still sticking with polyphasic sleep even during busy times. Keep it up.