Five Reasons for the Open House

Monumentum is my speech and debate club. Our Open House is this Tuesday, August 27, at 6:00 p.m. I am surprised at how many clubs across the nation fail to host an open house, because I have good reasons it would be awesome for your club.

These are the Monumentum competitors who made it to national last year.

These are the Monumentum competitors who made it to national last year.

Before I give you those reasons, let me give you my most humble, honest, and excited invitation to you: YOU’RE INVITED. If you’re within driving distance of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, show up:

Monumentum Speech & Debate Club Open House
Tuesday, August 27 at 6:00 pm
New Life Church, Colorado Springs (map)
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We’re going to have a great time. There will be a lot of new families mixed in with those returning. I can’t wait!

However, there are reasons every club should have a rendition of an Open House. Here are five…

Five Reasons Why an Open House Is the Best Way to Start

  1. Information. Clubs can structure the meeting to unload all the information they need to unload, all at once. We take the opportunity to distribute a handout of club expectations and class syllabus. Students and parents — both new and old — appreciate the download of info.
  2. Questions. People can always email me or another one of my coaches, but the chances are good that the question is a common one. The Open House always leaves room for questions, and the attendees let them roll. Funny, the questions sometimes turn into ideas that we flesh out later.
  3. Socialize. I’m not sure why homeschoolers get a bum rap for not being “socialized.” They are the most socially mature kids I’ve ever been around. The Open House turns out to be a little bit of a party, refreshments and all. The kids get to meet each other for the first time at the Open House.
  4. Kickoff. It’s nice to have one central time at one central place for the start of the new year. Tip toeing into the year with meetings or scirmmages or assignments seems drab to me. The Open House kicks off the year strong.
  5. Focus. This is probably the best reason for the Open House. You are able to zero in and focus on the year, cast the vision, pull together the group. Monumentum is focused to make its fifth year its best year ever, that’s for sure.

Are you in Colorado Springs / Monument area on Tuesday? I hope to see you at New Life for our Open House. If you’re not in the area, then consider hosting an Open House yourself for you and your club. Let me know how yours goes!

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