Five Worthy Resolutions for 2013

Hiking into the Woods

Making promises are a good thing, especially ones made to yourself. Following through with them is harder. But here’s a motivator: making them public. What better motivator is there than that? In 2013, I vow to… 

  1. Blog every day. Have you noticed? I haven’t missed a day since the blog opened in September. It’s taken a lot of discipline, but it has been good. I commit to carry this resolution till at least September 1 when I started blogging. I’ll reassess then.
  2. Publish every month. I’ve got so much content flowing from my fingers that I should be able to go to press with something every month. My Sweet Home Office Suite is January’s. Expect at least 12 publications authored by me in 2013.
  3. Budget daily. In other words, stay up to snuff on my finances. When I let my books go, I never really know how much or how little money I have, and I inevitably make poor business decisions. Not in 2013.
  4. Friend a troll. I like posting challenging ideas, and trolls like to fish around when I do. Last year I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with someone out east during the election season, and I’d like to do more of it in a non-election season. Note to trolls, though: anonymous posts are cowardice, and you get deleted when you’re just plain mean. “Befreind the mean in 2013.” I like that.
  5. Lose 10 more pounds. I lost 20 since last New Years Day, but I could lose 10 more. Having my dear wife on my side, I have no excuse (she wrote Love in a Diet). Besides, I’ve got the killer diet that always works: eat healthy and lean. Hey, I like the sound of that. “Healthy and Lean in 2013.” Ooo, I’m on a roll.

So here’s to a good 2013! May your resolutions be as honest and rewarding as mine. If you’d like to go public, there’s always the comment section below.

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  • I’ll be posting my goals on my blog soon. I think your sound great, and doable. 🙂