FREE For-Action Webinar Tonight

I’m hosting a free webinar with my friend Andrew Pudewa for a 30-minute explanation and Q&A of the For Action Conference. As you know, I’m quite excited for this new Training Minds Ministry event, and I hope you are too. Tonight’s the night to put it into perspective and get you the information you need.

Andrew (left) and I spent the weekend training teenagers for action. We are meeting tonight to explain how we're training young adults for real-life action!

Andrew (left) and I spent the weekend training teenagers for action in a debate round. We are meeting tonight online (and you’re invited!) to explain how we’re training young adults for real-life action.

The webinar was shown October 7. If you missed it, you may view a recording at

In fact, I spent the weekend with Andrew for a mini debate camp with his club in Oklahoma. What a great time we had “training minds for action,” the focus of my ministry. The both of us — as well as all our speakers — have an urgent passion for preparing young people for exciting real-world work.

The For Action Conference (click for information) is targeted toward 16-24 year olds, though it is open to any age of people who are seeking the training needed to take action in their lives. Consider our purpose:

To teach young people — primarily through the example of successful role models — crucial next steps in their path into business, charity and higher education, to ultimately maximize their impact on the world.

The conference isn’t until January (peak ski season in Colorado, by the way), so your plans need to come together soon. Tonight, Andrew and I are presenting an informational webinar for you:

Free Webinar 2

Free Webinar with Chris Jeub & Andrew Pudewa

Monday, October 7 • 7:00 p.m. Central Time

Register Here – Seating Limited

The For Action Conference is a one-of-a-kind conference, and if you know of a young person — or you already fit the bill — who would appreciate hanging with and learning from other successful young people, I am certain you will find the For Action Conference worth your time and expense.

We’ll be covering everything you need to know plus have a time for questions and comments. I hope to see you in the room tonight! Register here.