FREE Webinar (Limited Seating)

I absolutely love teaching communication skills through my camps and curriculum, and the families involved are the best people in the world. Now is the time to consider speech and debate for your kids: I’m co-hosting a FREE webinar on Tuesday, and I’m giving away $80 gift packages to three winners who attend.

Seating limited to 100.

This is an incredibly niche market I’m in. I get that. You may have heard little of it. I didn’t know much about speech and debate when I started teaching it in 1995. I was a brand new English teacher thrown into the fray of forensics. I didn’t know anything!

But I fell in love with it. Everything I aspired to as a teacher was wrapped up in speech and debate. The rest of my story is an exciting history:

  • 1998: I started writing what is now a hot-selling team-policy debate sourcebook, the Blue Book.
  • 2001: I founded Training Minds 501c3 that runs camps from coast-to-coast, training kids for competition.
  • 2003: I started Monument Publishing to print more resources covering all sorts of speech and debate events.
  • 2004: I quit full-time employment (a nice job at Focus on the Family) to build my organizations stronger.
  • 2008: I started to bring on keynotes to my main camps like Ken Davis, Lee Strobel, and this year Michael Hyatt.
  • 2013: We’re running five camps this year with projections to out-do every previous year…this year is going to be awesome!

In January, I released my 5th Edition to Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate (the introductory chapters are free with a subscription to my blog). I’m incredibly excited about this book, which leads me to the FREE webinar.

FREE Webinar on Tuesday (Limited Seating)

Andrew Pudewa and I have been like-minded friends for years, big believers in effective thinking and communication. Together we’ll be presenting the basic reasons you should be doing speech and debate in this FREE webinar, “Developing Skills and Character Through Speech and Debate.”

Andrew publishes writing curriculum and runs an NCFCA club out of Oklahoma. I publish debate curriculum and run a Stoa club from Colorado. The two of us are very much looking forward to sharing with you why we believe in this community so much. It has so much to do with the “skills and character” our kids are learning.

What You’ll Learn

I encourage you to huddle around your computer as a family and attend this FREE webinar on Tuesday. Andrew and I promise not to waste your time; we’re covering a lot of ground. We’ll be teaching:

  • The five most common hesitancies to speech and debate (and why you should disregard them).
  • The five educational answers speech and debate provides in your schooling (and why they’re unique but awesome).
  • The four pillars to a speech and debate educational mindset (the crux of the presentation…it really sets you straight).
  • The five ways to get involved and to bring communication skills to your family (from super-easy to uber-involved).

And during the webinar, I’ll give away something awesome to three lucky winners…

$80 Goodie Bag to Three Attendees

I have a collection of resources that total approximately $80 in value, and I’ll be giving them away to three attendees. Here are the “goodies” the lucky winners will receive:

  • A previous edition of Emerald or Platinum Book. These are documentation of award winning speeches from previous years.
  • Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate. Discount ordering these books is a great way to kick-off your club.
  • Camp Video or Audio Disk. A sampling from one of the Training Minds Camps DVD/CD sets.
  • Samples of Gold Cards and Training Minds Flowsheets. These are great aids for extempers and debaters.
  • Training Minds Sticky Notes and a Pen.

If you’ve thought about being a part of this community of speakers and debaters, you’ll want to be a part of this webinar. You’ll be given the reasons and the vision for making speech and debate a reality for you and your family.

See you Tuesday!

Seating limited to 100.

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  • Just got word from Pudewa’s team: the class is full.
    Afterward, it should be available as a recording. I’ll tweet the link!