Great Homeschool Convention: Cincinnati

Wendy and I are super pumped to be a part of the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati in a few weeks. Let me tell you of the four speeches we’re preparing because we believe they hit in key issues within the homeschool movement.

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First, let me make this observation: homeschooling is changing. Big time. You may be new to the idea of home education, but for those who have been around for the last couple of decades, the changes of late have been incredibly significant.

Most rattling have been the moral nosedives of some prominent homeschool leaders, particularly those of which I refer to as “stiff-necked legalists.” Those still standing are either struggling to keep their platforms moving forward or eating a ton of humble pie and coming to realize the error of their ways.

Wendy and I consider ourselves in the latter category. You see, we used to be “stiff-nicked legalists.” We didn’t get ourselves caught in a wave of headline news like some of the leaders of late, but we did wreak havoc in our family. Ten years ago we lost our oldest daughter to a streak of rebellion, and in 2007 the estranged relationship became an internationally televised drama in Kids by the Dozen miniseries.

That was nearly eight years ago. You would think this would have been a great embarrassment, but looking back, we couldn’t be more pleased that the story got brought out in the open. We wrote our bestselling book Love in the House in response to the show, not as a defense for our behavior, but as an apology. As the title insinuates, we as parents lacked the most important commandment in our family: love. It’s quite a good story and I hope you pick up a copy (available on Kindle).


Join us in Cincinnati!

Legalism is an ugly sin that bears no good fruit, and the sin has been justified much too much in homeschool circles.

Wendy and I are bringing much of this story to the conference, and then some! The story of our homeschool journey has been incredible, and like I said, the entire movement is changing rapidly.

The changes have created some uneasiness, but I believe they have been good changes. Home education is becoming a much more welcoming, loving community. We will be exploring these issues in four topic sessions in Cincinnati:

  1. Love in the House (Chris & Wendy)
    We will give a logical, reasoned apologetic for why LOVE must be the center of all things parents do in their home school. We will draw primarily from Scripture, our experience within our family (much of which is referenced above), and the work our family does with families across the country. If you’re like most parents, you need to figure out how to build an environment for more “love in the house.”
  2. Love in a Diet (Wendy)
    Wendy Jeub is the mother of 16 children, but she weighs less than she did when she and I were married. She’s even authored a diet book called Love in a Diet, so you can guess Wendy has a lot to say about diet and exercise. Homeschool moms will be encouraged and empowered by Wendy’s testimony and practical suggestions for staying fit and healthy.
  3. Speech & Debate (Chris)
    Of course you know that this is my baby, the “homeschool sport,” speech and debate. Its academic training carries more of what homeschoolers want to teach their children than any other academic training available. I’ll explain the fundamentals of how to participate in academic speech and debate through your home school.
  4. Those Homeschool Prodigals & Apostates (Chris & Wendy)
    When many of us started homeschooling, we embraced the lofty promise of raising perfect children. Some of our children did not follow in our footsteps, as if our steps were perfect in the first place. Before we call these prodigals “apostates,” a more careful look shows a liberating and loving message from these second-generation homeschoolers.

Interested? I sure hope you are. We want to be able to meet you in Cincinnati at the Great Homeschool Conference. Click below and get registered!

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