How I’m Voting in November

It's Trump vs Hillary in '16, but my conservative heart is not yet broken

I come from a family of liberals, and their prejudices against conservatives like me was validated last night when Donald Trump grasped the nomination. I’m asking, “Now what will I do?”

Clinton vs Trump

Maybe my relatives’ prejudices are right. The stereotypical angry, filthy rich, ignorant and politically inept blowhard (hair and all!) rose to the top of my party. My response? They have risen to the top in both parties.

But despite the results, conservatives are not hating, filthy rich, nor ignorant. That prejudice is just plain wrong.

Take a pill of your own medicine and stop judging. Allow me to explain the conservative dilemma, then follow with the conservative decision. At least my decision come November.

The Conservative Dilemma

First, who I am and what I believe. As a conservative, I…

Little gets liberals more wound up than when I remind them that conservative policies bring more power to the people, spread more wealth, and bring more quality of life than any liberal policy ever derived. Go ahead, amuse me and try to come up with one liberal policy that promoted life, liberty and happiness more than its conservative counterpart. Just one. You will fail.

Thing is, “power to the people,” “spread the wealth,” etc.—These are supposed to be liberal platforms. When taking an honest look at which policies will guarantee each of these values, hands-down they are conservative. Leftists get upset at this. This is typically a conservative’s dilemma: convincing kind-hearted liberals that they really should be conservative. But now my dilemma has changed.

My head is spinning at how Donald Trump managed to grasp the conservative ticket. Conservatives like me want to Make America Great Again, and perhaps Trump simply leveraged the simple (and stolen) slogan. Whatever the case, I’m left to vote in November. Between Trump and Hillary.

The Conservative Decision

I can hear the groan of my cousins now. Paul Ryan is an old friend of mine. But my desire to see him succeed goes much deeper than our childhood roots. I very much believe Paul Ryan is, perhaps, the last true conservative, and maybe a last hope for conservatism.

For quite some time now, traditionally conservative leaders (e.g. Drudge, Schlafly, Breitbart) have been turning on the most powerful conservative leaders. They even turned on ultra-right Ted Cruz! Not sure if you noticed, but Drudge resorted to posting Right Wing Watch videos to try to take down Trump’s final opposition.

Today, there is no one besides the President himself who is more powerful than Paul Ryan, yet he is constantly bombarded by right-wing media. Paul Ryan is on conservatives’ side. Resist the temptation to get so wound up that you don’t realize the conservative opportunity we have in America.

Donald Trump has successfully harnessed the growing distrust and concern of conservatives for the future of America. I’m not sure how he did that, but I suspect a silent majority of people extremely frustrated. They are (1) frustrated that no one since Reagan has successfully managed to capture conservative spirit, and (2) true conservatives are running on “I’m really not as conservative as you think” tickets. Perhaps this is what Trump did: capture a spirit that has been waiting for leadership, eager to revive the politics that will “make America great again.”

I’m still skeptical of Trump, but not conservatism. The Left has defended and put forth much worse in American politics, and more policies of their sort will make America worse.

Now, which candidate—Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton—will make Paul Ryan’s job easier? That’s a good question. For now, I’m not quite sure.

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  • jim

    Chris. My center issue is PRO LIFE. Then….2. Constitution 3. Pro-Family 4. 2nd amendment. 5. Limited Gov. (especially regarding business and free trade). I think we largely agree. Maybe your order is different.

    1.Trump has recently stated that he would get behind his first two Non Pro-Life SCOTUS picks. Sykes and Barry.
    2.Trump has recently stated the “Planned parenthood does wonderful things”
    3.Trump has recently called upon the GOP to moderate the “Pro Life platform that has been upheld at every GOP convention since inception in the 1984 Ronald Reagan convention.

    Trump will be a wrecking ball to the GOP Pro-Life agenda.

    Now I could list many other issues among my top 5 conservative priorities in which Trump looks much more liberal than even our most Statist moderate GOP candidate, Lindsay Graham. I will only list a few issues for the sake of brevity. When it comes to issuing protectionist Tariffs on trade, promoting Transgender bathrooms, posing for Playboy magazine, supporting universal health-care, and assaulting religious liberties I understand why many conservatives have an anti-Trump sentiment. Agreed, a couple of these positions are not recent past. That being said, when Trump speaks out of both sides of his mouth on a frequent basis, we don’t really know what part of Trump’s past convictions have genuinely changed. Just a few years ago, Trump was praising Pelosi, Clinton and Obama for doing such fine jobs.

    As for me, I agree with Paul Ryan…..
    I am not ready to support Trump as the nominee.