How Sourcebooks Get You Ready

I am intricately involved with the publishing of seven “sourcebooks” for homeschool speakers and debaters. For families just starting out, these hefty books can be somewhat daunting. But they are so necessary.

This day will be here before you know it: YOUR FIRST TOURNAMENT.

This day will be here before you know it: YOUR FIRST TOURNAMENT.

I can’t blame anyone for feeling overwhelmed. I just finished editing 1,350 pages of new content before sending them to the printers (the sourcebooks release this Saturday). That’s a lot of content, even if you only jump into one or two events. And each of the sourcebooks have digital releases that come out later in the fall, so we’ll have more like 5,000 pages of material for speakers and debaters. That’s a lot!

However, I see those who do not get the sourcebooks adding unnecessary pressure when they start off their year. This goes for experienced kids, not just beginners. They clunk along and learn things by trial and error, getting to know the new rules and debate topics and news items in due time, but…

Though they may eventually get the hang of it, their initial involvement is frustrating, confusing, and sometimes embarrassing. New students sometimes quit.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Which is why I publish the sourcebooks. I work with over 35 expert coaches and student champions to put all the information you need to succeed. These sourcebooks pull quite the punch. Depending on the event you are planning to compete:

  1. Team-policy debate. Blue Book gives introductory chapters explaining the structure of debate rounds, responsibilities of the debaters, history of the league resolutions, and a dozen cases with accompanying briefs for students to use and model.
  2. Lincoln-Douglas debate. Red Book does the same, giving instruction for how to do values debate plus resolutional articles. Included are a dozen cases for students to use and model, all written by champion debaters.
  3. Extemporaneous speaking. Gold Book is like a crash course through current events, each “Gold Folder” structured as an extemper needs to structure his or her research. It includes instructional chapters for beginners on how to do extemp, too.
  4. Apologetics speaking. Silver Book gives instruction on how to do this most popular NCFCA and Stoa limited prep event, plus individual lessons for students to study each question. Over 90% of this year’s edition has been updated!
  5. Interp and platform speaking. Bronze Book gives instruction on how to build interpretive and platform speeches. We also solicit the previous years’ champions to share their speeches and (more importantly) their speech experiences.

The Monument Publishing Sourcebooks have what you need to kick off with a bang. There is no reason speech and debate should be frustrating or confusing. Our materials will set your bearing straight. Yes, they may seem like a lot, but…

You have nothing to lose: We (1) provide a 100% money-back guarantee and (2) provide 20% off through August 1.

My bottom line is very simple. The sourcebooks get you ready for competition. In just a few months you’ll enter your scrimmage fully equipped with what you need to know.

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20% off through August 1