How to Get to Camp for Free

There are so many discounts from the base cost, it is a steal

I am hosting the Training Minds Debate Camp in July, arguably the best collection of coaches and students in the nation. Our record speaks for itself. I price the camp high, but digging into the offers available to students, you may be able to attend for free. Let me explain.

Flow Your Ideas

At Training Minds Debate Camp, we help students understand how to flow their arguments, essentially learning how to think.

First, here are quick details of the camp. Check out its registration page for more:

  • Camp: Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp, our complete program and coaching team.
  • Dates: July 12-15, 2017. Located at the Ponderosa Camp & Conference Center, Larkspur, Colorado.
  • Leagues: All students participating in Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Value debate will be well-served at Training Minds Debate Camp. However, NCFCA and Stoa resolutions are the only resolutions taught, and all scrimmages will use the NITOC 2018 (Season 18) Stoa resolutions.
  • Head coaches will be Vance Trefethen (Policy) and Travis Herche (Lincoln-Douglas). Assistant coach staff will be announced March 30.
  • I will be teaching a special track for all registered parent/coaches. Parents and coaches will walk through the process for being certified Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Coaches from Monument Publishing.

Base Cost: $500/$250

The base cost is $500 for students and $250 for coaches. Not bad for four days in Colorado with all lodging and food provided. However, there are several deals that can be had. Consider:

  1. Early-bird Registration. Our cutoff for early-bird registration savings is April 30. This is after Stoa’s NITOC but before NCFCA’s Nationals. This saves $100 off the tuition, and this expires April 30.
  2. Monument Memberships. Are you a Monument Member currently debating? There is a super-early-bird offer for active members that gives them an additional $100 off tuition. Memberships currently run at $42, so it may be a good idea to become a member just to receive this offer. This saves $100 and expires March 15.
  3. Tax-deductible Fundraising. Have you ever raised money for a missions trip? Grandparents, aunts/uncles, businesses, etc. are more than willing to support students in their endeavors. Training Minds, being a 501c3 organization, is able to apply 1/2 of your tuition as nonprofit donation, 100% tax-deductible. There are some hoops to jump through to make it legit, so read the instructions here. This saves up to $250 for students, $175 for coaches, and expires July 1.
  4. Families. How can I, a father of 16, not give a large-family discount? Actually, your family doesn’t need to be very big. If you register more than two students, you receive a 10% discount off the top of everything.
  5. Commuters. If you have the opportunity to commute, you can save $50 off your registration, but you won’t get breakfasts. We do encourage you to stay on campus. Our curriculum is tough, and our discussions often last late.

How great is that? Let’s consider more…

After Possible Deductions: $0

Now, remember: This is four days at the beautiful Ponderosa Ranch. This is nestled in the Colorado mountains, not some college campus or church basement. You will want to be there…and it will feel like a very expensive camp!

Let’s consider some student scenarios which could lead you to a $0 price point.

  • Debate Student: $500. Not bad for a summer camp to learn debate!
  • Debate Student who registers by April 30: $400. Even better!
  • Debate Student who is a Monument Member who registers by March 15: $300. Now we’re talking!
  • Debate Student who is a Monument Member who gets his/her grandpa to donate 1/2 the tuition: $50. This is an absolute STEAL!
  • Debate Student who is a Monument Member who raises 1/2 the tuition and commutes to the campus: $0. Yep, you read that right.

Coaches cannot raise money for themselves. The IRS doesn’t consider their tuition “tax deductible.” However, they can still get to $0. Here’s how:

  • Debate Coach: $250.
  • Debate Coach who registers by April 30: $150.
  • Debate Coach who is a Monument Member who registers by March 15: $50.
  • Debate Coach who is a Monument Member and commutes to the campus: $0.

Remember All You Get…for $0!

I LOVE a good deal, and I love offering a good deal even more. Remember all you get for your trip:

  1. Complete training for Season 18 debate
  2. Four days at the Ponderosa Ranch
  3. All food and lodging
  4. An awesome time with coaches and friends!

I suspect camp is going to fill up fast. On behalf of my coaching staff, we hope to see you there in July. Register today!