Important Change in Blue Book

Would you like to peek under the hood of a change I’m making to how we publish Blue Book in 2014? If you’re a team-policy debater, you’ll appreciate how we’re changing things up.

Two Sourcebooks

Please understand, we’ve been publishing Blue Book for NCFCA and Stoa policy debaters since 1998. Every year, my coauthor Vance Trefethen and I spend much of our summers pounding out the educational content for kids across the country. We then print and distribute hundreds of books to students in both leagues. We even published a smaller book for NFL debaters this year!

We were cutting edge back in the day, man. We were the first to come out with an accompanying CD ROM (gasp!), then a digital download code (wow!).

Other sourcebooks only offer digital downloads, but we’ve struggled exiting the print world. Why? Because there are still a lot of people — particularly coaches who teach classes — who appreciate the print copy. Such is the problem with resources that have been around for a while.

Here is how we’ve been distributing the book: We send you a print copy, and inside the print copy there was a digital download code for your digital copies. This was lickety-split awesome a few years ago, but much too slow for our instant access world.

We’re flowing with the change in 2014. Here’s how.

Effective immediately: Blue Book is available for instant download. When you purchase the book, you will be sent an email with unique download links for your personal copies. These are the same downloads you would have received with the print version, but this time it will be available immediately.

If you want instant, you will have it. And you’ll save some pocket change, too! Two ways:

  1. YOU GET $10 OFF. Since you’re saving the printing hassle, you get these needed briefs for a flat $30.
  2. YOU PAY NO SHIPPING. Since it’s a digital download, you pay no shipping.

What About the Print Copy?

If you would still like the print copy, you may order that when you order your digital copy. For an extra $20, we will send you the coil-bound book as well as the stack of 3-hole punched briefs. What comes in the mail would be what you need to start debating immediately. You will still have the digital files in case you wanted to modify material later. If you prefer that we print the material for you, simply choose “Complementary Printing” when you order and we’ll add the extra service of printing on for you.

Vance and I enjoy writing Blue Book every year, and we want nothing more than to get it in the hands of debaters nationwide. I think this new way will make it much, much easier for you.

To order, visit one of these two webpages:

  1. Blue Book: NCFCA Edition
  2. Blue Book: Stoa Edition