“See” What’s Inside Blue Book

The most popular response I get from parents, coaches and debaters once they actually are holding their copy of Blue Book is this: “I had no idea there was so much to this!” So I made a couple videos to show what’s inside.


Blue Book is coauthored by Vance Trefethen (author of Keys to Team-Policy Debate) and myself. We’ve been publishing the leading sourcebook for homeschool debaters since 1998. Our entire summer is dedicated to putting the Blue Book out for schools across the country to get to work studying on the league resolutions.

Most sourcebooks consist of stacks of cases and briefs. Blue Book has this, but it has so much more. As you will see from the videos below, there are five sections that make Blue Book a unique:

Follow along as I page through the actual pages of the NCFCA Blue Book for 2014, explaining the five benefits to Blue Book owners that makes it an incredible value for team-policy debaters. FOUR of the FIVE benefits are unique to Blue Book:

  1. Digital Download Area. When your Blue Book arrives, you register it to receive initial downloads as well as a growing list of downloads later in the year.
  2. Foundational Chapters. No other sourcebook provides chapter on how to do debate well. This is especially helpful to novice debaters!
  3. Topical Study. Two intense chapters on (a) the history of the topic and (2) the status quo policies of the topic.
  4. Coaching Prompts. We try to teach ourselves out of a job by showing you how to cut your own evidence and build your own cases.
  5. Cases & Briefs. We have 100 pages in the print copy covering just 3 cases. NINE MORE come in the October 1 download, giving you everything you need as a team-policy debater.

We’re very proud of our 16 year history providing sourcebook material to team-policy debaters, and we’re doubly proud of the work we did this year for both Stoa and NCFCA. Check out the videos below, and get your order in.