Invitation to Judge (and be awesome at it!)

New Video Series on "How to Be a GREAT Judge"

Nothing is more rewarding than judging at debate tournaments. But admittedly, it can be extremely intimidating. My new videos at lifts that intimidation. And the videos are free!

Watch “How to Be a GREAT Judge” at

The next tournament I’ll be at is the Mile High Conquest (visit its landing page to register to judge). I have two kids competing, my daughters Tabitha and Hannah. My club, lead by Steven Vaughan of Aurora, puts it on. I’ll be there for the entire thing, doing a heavy load of judging myself, as well as snapping photos of debaters.

I love this part of the year when debaters apply their hard work and learning into the debate rounds. Become a part of it by volunteering to judge. You will certainly be satisfied.

And if you watch my videos, you will be a great judge!