Invitation: Join the Club for the Presidential Debates Tonight


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YOU ARE INVITED to be a part of the historic Presidential Debates tonight! The organization I run – Training Minds – consists of debate coaches, students, and alumni champions. My debate club, Monumentum, will be gathering for the event LIVE, and you can join us via the Internet. We’ll be giving away prizes, exchanging live comments, and having a ball. Here is the scoop on how to participate… 

1. Time and Topics

First, the basic info:

Topic: Town meeting format including foreign and domestic policy
Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Location: Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York
Sponsor: Commission on Presidential Debates
Participants: President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney
Moderator: Candy Crowley (CNN Chief Political Correspondent)

The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which citizens will ask questions of the candidates on foreign and domestic issues. Candidates each will have two minutes to respond, and an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate a discussion. The town meeting participants will be undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization.

You can come to this page to watch the video. About 30 minutes before the debate begins, I’ll replace the picture above with a live stream feed, just like the last two debates (VP and Pres).

2. Follow Debater Discussion

This is where we’re going to have fun. I will be utilizing my Twitter account (follow me here) to blast out instantaneous thoughts on the debates, just like I did last week for the VP debates. You don’t need a Twitter account to follow, just follow my Twitter feed at

Who’s going to be following? A ton of people, some big-shot coaches, too. Here’s a list of invitees. Not all of them can make it tonight, but they are picking up the discussion for the final debate next week:

  • Vance Trefethen, Author of Blue Book and Keys to Team-Policy Debate
  • Travis Herche, Lincoln-Douglas and Speech Coach at
  • Andrew Pudewa, Founder and CEO of the Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Rob Parks, Training Minds Debate Coach and Blue Book Contributor
  • Brooke Wade, two-time consecutive NCFCA Extemp Champion 2011 and 2012
  • Rebecca Frazier, NCFCA Team-Policy Debate Champion 2012
  • Cody Herche, Author of Keys to Cross-Examination and Keys to Extemp
  • Jesse Byrnes, Monumentum Lincoln-Douglas Debate Coach
  • Cynthia Jeub, Monumentum Team-Policy Debate Coach
  • Matthew Erickson, Stoa Lincoln-Douglas Debate Champion 2012
  • Jon Bateman, Stoa Lincoln-Douglas Debate Champion 2011
  • Chase Harrington, Stoa Lincoln-Douglas Debate Champion 2010
  • Matthew Baker, Blue Book Contributor and Law Grad
  • Shane Baumgardner, NCFCA Extemp and Impromptu Champion 2010
  • Kaitlin Nelson, Former Red Book Editor and Lincoln-Douglas Coach
  • Kasey Leander, Duo Champion at NITOC two years running
  • Monumentum Debate Club, Monument, Colorado
  • and more to be listed soon.

One last thing. We want you to join the discussion!

3. Join in the Tweeting

But we don’t want your voice to go unheard. There are several ways to include yourself in the discussion:

  • Open up your own Twitter account. It’s free and easy.
  • Use hashtag #debates throughout the night. We all will be watching this list and retweeting.
  • Include @chrisjeub if you want me to notice your tweet. Chances are real good that I’ll retweet your posts because I’ll be watching this list closely.
  • “Retweet” my posts and the others. Our tweets actually build social awareness for everyone and has our opinion heard outside our community…which is good!
  • Use TweetDeck or Hootsuite to manage profiles. I’ve used both and highly recommend them. I’m personally fond of Hootsuite.
  • If you want to follow me PLUS everyone I add to my Twitter list, follow this page: WARNING, this page will move FAST during the debates.
  • Subscribe to this site to be informed of followup and preceding articles.

Let’s have a fun time on Tuesday. “See” you online!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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    For that time that they go over the timer to talk over each other to make their point, do they really think anyone will listen to the points if they can’t understand them?