It’s the Lying That Bothers Me Most

The Presidential Debates were totally my thing. You know debate is the center of my Training Minds organization, and having my coaches and a bunch of debate families follow our conversation was incredibly cool. However, the debates exposed a very troubling thing about this year’s election:

There were several lies exposed in the debates, and they should weigh in your decision next week.

We are being lied to, and we should not appreciate it.

This is different than other elections. I mean, there is “spin” or “stretching the truth,” and I’m apt to allow certain perspectives on questionable situations. But some of the whoppers the debates exposed (some still being exposed just four days before the vote) are worth repeating here. If this helps in making your decision on who you will vote for, consider it good!

Lie #1 ~ Benghazi.

The President adamantly defended a whopper of a lie that he initially called the Benghazi attack a coordinated act of terror. This is so far removed to what happened just two months ago. It took two weeks before the Obama administration admitted that the attack was a coordinated act of terror. Anyone watching the news then knows this to be the case, and the more the President denies it, the more we know we’re being lied to.

But here’s where this issue goes from spin to lie. During the second debate, Obama referred to his rose garden speech how he claimed the attack was an “act of terror.” Obama even asked the moderator (a CNN reporter) to intervene and back him up. Much can be said about the moderator intervening (she should have butted out), but the simple fact that there was a tit-for-tat between one of the candidates and the moderator is a clear display of deception.

Anyone who was staying close to the news at the time of the Benghazi attack will remember the two weeks of parading the idea that a grade-B movie created the riot. Hillary Clinton, Press Secretary Jim Carney, and UN Ambassador Rice all kept to a script – and President Obama repeated it in front of the United Nations. To say that the president started off from day one that this was a terrorist attack is more than disingenuous – it’s a lie.

See the set up yourself. Notice President Obama calling Candy out, “Get the transcript.” And she just so happens to have the transcript of the Rose Garden speech.

Nearly 70 million people watched that debate. Later on CNN, the moderator admitted that Romney was right, but less than a million were watching then. Damage done, and the truth is thwarted.

Lie #2 ~ Planned Parenthood

I know several people who think abortion shouldn’t be a consideration. Okay, I get that, but what about lying about the number one provider for abortions in a scam to take millions of dollars away from tax payers? That’s what the President did in the second debate.

It had to do with mammograms. The President promoted a long-disputed lie from Planned Parenthood that mammograms are a major service of the organization. Lila Rose (a debate alumni, by the way) exposed this lie a year ago. Again, the more the President claims Planned Parenthood provides mammograms, the more we know we’re being lied to.

Here’s the Live Action video totally exposing this lie. It’s quite persuasive. The lie is used to justify millions of dollars of funding to the organization whose purpose, really, is to provide abortions. Check this out:

Lie #3 ~ Energy

One of the exchanges in the debates was almost surreal. Obama has thwarted public land drilling – even boasted about it in the past. The President actually claimed public land drilling was increasing. Is the Administration’s campaign actually trying to convince the voters that it is an advocate for nonrenewable energy? Come on, are we to believe that?

As victims of Hurricane Sandy line up for gas, remember that President Obama wasted billions on failed renewable energy and deliberately halted the Keystone Pipeline. Folks, energy is key to our economic success AND comes in particularly handy during natural disasters like Sandy. The infrastructure of energy has been compromised, and posing as a conservative at the last minute to make himself look like an advocate for drilling is very much out of character.

Here’s a news report shown after the debate but before Hurricane Sandy. It’s final words are creepy just how soon the demand would be:

This is a bitter moment in American politics. No one likes the falsehoods or the bickering, and it is humiliating to come to terms with some of the ideas that we thought were the truth. The falsehoods exposed in the exchanges between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney likely led to the polling momentum toward Mitt Romney. Some are even predicting a landslide.

Were there other lies that you saw? Share them below for others to see and discuss.


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  • RickStevens

    Two words: Fast & Furious.To lie, cover it up and then throw it in the face of the families of those who died is more than enough to have swayed me (if I was in fact an undecided voter) However, in my world, it’s more than just the outright lies. It’s the constant sense of deception, misdirection and “clarification” that is put forth by this administration, even when the MSM reports on what actually happened. The Nevada Register-Journal hit very close to home when they referred to the president as a “narcissistic amateur”. Every time he speaks, I am reminded of John 8:44 – You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies..

    • Fast & Furious…almost forgot! That’s a whopper of a coverup. I had wanted Romney to bring that up more in the debates.

  • Nina

    Does it not bother you that Romney lied about Chrysler moving jobs to China, which is false?

    Oh, there’s more.

    Romney is a man who takes care of Numero Uno. If he can’t keep Sensata jobs here in the US (they are being shipped to China in a few days), how can he do much to keep American jobs here once he is president?

    For a man who opposed the bailout of the auto industry, he profited handsomely as his group took control of Delphi and forced GM into handing over dollars. 3000% profit…out of our taxpayer dollars. He didn’t build anything, create anything, any more than someone who wins in Las Vegas “made” something by pulling the lever on the slot machines.

    There is lying…and there is elusive behavior- he can’t disclose his tax documents as did his father before him. If he was an honest man making an honest dollar, he would be proud to show how much he’s earned, paid in taxes (as you and I do) and contributed to charity.

    Tax records are government records and we, the people, are looking to hire this man as our main government leader. When someone says, Oh, you can’t see that? my first response is, Really? Why is that? What’s the secret? Money parked in off shore havens, tax free, is not something normal Americans do.

    Is Obama perfect? No. But the alternative concerns me. Look carefully at the people Mitt Romney is surrounding himself with. One is John Bolton. There are some who would love to have a go at Iran and Romney seems open to listening to the sweet nothings some Israeli leaders are whispering in his ear. Falsehoods led us into the Iraq War. I don’t want to have as a president someone who is irritated when people question him and ignorant enough in the ways of foreign policy that he must rely on “old hands” that are itching to start another war.

    • RickStevens

      I’m not supposed to feed the trolls, but… Everything you have put in your response is patently false. Romney has produced all of his tax records. His “group” did not force GM to hand over any taxpayer dollars. In a market economy, the result of poor decision-making is company failure; a government bailout (by any administration) is unnecessarily meddling in a market. Go find somewhere like HuffPo to spout your mindless drivel.

      • I wouldn’t say Nina is a troll. She disagrees. Trolls are anonymous and attempt to veer OFF topic. So, enjoy feeding her.

        • Nina

          I do appreciate not being called a troll. If anything, it’s the back and forth of a discussion I seek and what you post challenges me to review my own thoughts and be challenged to read further and learn more. Growing up, political dialogue was seen as normal, lively, Irish-style conversation with my late father,( God love him). To me, trolling is
          making personal attacks, swearing, belittling or making crude jokes to get a rise out of someone. I may not agree with people, but my personal conviction is to always be civil and not do those things.

    • See, this is what I’m talking about when there is “spin” and “lying.” I can tolerate a different perspective, but to call the difference a “lie” is an unfair attack. There are those who try to demonize Romney for profiting in his businesses. To me, that’s actually a good thing.

      You threw a lot on the table, but I can’t agree that any of them are compromises of truth. A 3000% profit (I question your number) isn’t “taking from tax payers.” Romney did release his tax records, and it disproved a lot of the false claims O’s campaign were making. I’d put John Bolton up with Susan Rice any day, primarily because of the need for truth and honest when attacked. “Falsehoods” did not lead us into Iraq; bad intelligence did.

  • JDK

    Both sides lie.

    In fact, discussing only the Democrats’ lies is a form of lying in itself.

    It’d be great if you could post about Romney’s lies, to be balanced and objective. He is known for saying what people want to hear, and flip-flopping on issues, so it shouldn’t be hard.

    Yes, both sides lie.