The Jeub Family

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The Jeub Family, September 2012.

My wife, Wendy, and I have 16 children. We’re one of those “crazy big” families that appeared on TV. Our main show was Kids by the Dozen in 2007, but we’ve also appeared on WE-TV, CBS, Fox News and HuffPo Live.

You’ve been redirected to this page from, which is now defunct.

Wendy and I decided to shut down the website after a server crash that lost many of our old blog posts. The family blog tackled issues that were still gaining attention, even after several years, but we were unable to keep up with the dialogue. We figured the site crash was a good time to put it to rest.

The issues we addressed had to with with the subtitle of our latest book Love Another Child: 

“Children. They’re Blessings. Always.” 

At the time of this update, half of our 16 children are adults. Most parents our age are entering empty-nest lives. Not us. We’re still extremely busy trying to provide for the ones at home, as well as be supportive for the ones who aren’t. I’ll be honest: life these past few years has been very difficult. We still believe in the blessing of children, but that belief has been most brutally challenged.

You may contact me any time through the dialogue on any post on, or directly by email. May LOVE bless your home!

The Jeubs

The Jeub Family, September 2017.

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