Jeub Monster Download 2014

Last year I encouraged subscriptions to my blog by loading up one big massive download of all my free items for you to receive with a subscription to my blog. I have an even better idea this year.

How to Get Your 2014 Monster Download

Jeub Monster Download 2014You see, there were some problems with the Jeub Monster Download. First, it was massive. Those with slow Internet connections had trouble getting the download in place. Second, it only dealt with speech and debate sourcebooks. I may be the leading publisher of speech and debate, but I’m publisher of other things, too. Third, it was not expandable. I give away stuff all the time, but this document sat on my server and quickly got out of date.

Like a good debater, I propose this plan:

Subscribe to and get access to my FREE DYNAMIC DOWNLOADS page!

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Here’s how this works. When you subscribe, you will access to a webpage that I will personally maintain. On this page, I list all my resources that I have free, typically scattered all over my websites and the Internet. It is incredibly handy for my readers to have it all in one, handy place.

What exactly is FREE? I publish a lot of material, and I am constantly giving pits and pieces of publications out to friends like you. I lose track of all my free stuff, to tell you the truth. Besides, my areas of specialty are diverse:

  1. I’m the “speech and debate” guy. I manage nearly 50 authors and coaches every year through Monument Publishing and Training Minds Ministry. I have great samples and resources that you’ll have access to.
  2. I’m that “crazy big family” guy. My family and I were featured on TLC in 2007. We launched quite a few handy resources for families cookbooks and family study guides. You get some of these resources on your FREE STUFF page.
  3. I’m that “entrepreneur” guy. I have my MBA and run businesses. I like to blog about it and give away free resources about it all, too. Can’t wait till you see My Sweet Home Office Suite, one of my free downloads.

What is DYNAMIC? A dynamic webpage allows me to keep putting free stuff in place. You don’t have to wait for an updated PDF document, or worry that a document gets out of date. This page will be updated as I create free content, and you’ll always have access to it as a subscriber.

Why SUBSCRIBE? Because you know I have my hands in a lot of different places. Subscription helps you stay in touch with all that I have going on in the speech and debate community and beyond.

So there you have it. Let’s stay in touch through your subscription, and enjoy my FREE DYNAMIC DOWNLOADS page as incentive:

Subscribe to and get access to my FREE DYNAMIC DOWNLOADS page!

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