8 Considerations for My Home Office

If you’re thinking of a home business, an office is one of those needed assets. Subscribe to my blog as I think through and build mine. I hope it gives you ideas and vision for your home office.

This is my current garage, soon-to-be home office.

I walled up my garage years ago, making better use of the 20′ x 40′ space than parking our old vehicles. For the longest time one side of the garage served as storage, the other side split between an office and a laundry room. But the more I get into home business, the more I need a business hub. There have been several frustrations with my home office, and I’m ready for a change.

Before I spend a grand or two (and that’ll be frugal), I need to know this is a good idea. I have a home office already, so is this all that necessary? Could I get by without it? Here are some considerations:

  1. Sound. I have 14 children at home. I need more soundproofing. Ya think?
  2. Traffic. My current office had two doors in it, so to get from the living area to the garage/storage area, you’d have to go through my office.
  3. Copier. My copier is used a lot by the kids (we home educate), so interruptions are frequent.
  4. Coziness. My current office is pragmatic, but definitely far from “cozy.” I want a place to hang my elk antlers.
  5. Space. My current office only has room for a desk. I need wall space for a dry erase board, and more room for a round conference table.
  6. Storage. A couple closets and a big bookshelf would be awesome. I’m a publisher, for crying out loud.
  7. Temperature. I don’t mind scooting to Serranos on hot afternoons, or cuddling in my bedroom on cold winter days. But it thwarts work. I need an office that can control the temperature.
  8. Studio. I would like to venture into videos and podcasts, but need an office that would be a better studio atmosphere.

I must say that a work environment is incredibly important for the self-employed. Perhaps it is overlooked way too much. I’m looking forward to this remodeling project, and I hope you are too. Be sure you’re subscribed to this blog, and let your home-business friends know about it too. I’d appreciate that!

Question: What other considerations can you think of for a home office? 

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  • AndreaMaddiex

    Videos and podcasts, how awesome! Looking forward to those!

  • Jay Seville

    Office done?

    We converted our living room into a big office for me and it rocks. We put up a wall with pocket doors as one opens front door into the foyer. Now that the schoolroom is on the 3rd floor I have a much better work environment.

    • I’ve made a lot of progress, but like every project, it takes longer than projected. I am sanding the last coat of drywall this morning, then onto some trim. I’ll be posting new pics soon.