Join the Jeubs at Platform in November

I attended the first Platform Conference early 2013 and absolutely loved it. Now that Platform is coming to Colorado Springs, I’m bringing my wife, Wendy, and anyone else who wants to join us in November. And I have a way for you to save $100 off the cover charge!

Wendy and I pictured with cofounder of the Platform Conference, Ken Davis.

Wendy and I pictured with cofounder of the Platform Conference, Ken Davis.

What Is Platform?

The Platform Conference is one of three conferences put on by my friends Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt, both masters of platform building themselves. Their conference includes 10 speakers who are all masters in their platform specialty — platforms about platforms, you might say. Half of them are new since I attended, so I’m pumped to get to learn from them!

Building a platform is somewhat of a new concept for most people, but I believe it is a huge idea. Wendy and I fit the mold almost perfectly: we have 16 children and a message on love and family. Sounds great and all, but…

Bringing our message to the world is a cumbersome task.
This is where Platform comes in. We need to learn how its done, and there is no better hub of know-how than the Platform Conference.

I have applied much of what I learned from this conference to Training Minds Ministry, the platform on speech and debate for homeschoolers nationwide. Let me be bluntly honest: I cannot emphasize enough how much Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt has helped me succeed in what I do. I am the only person in the country who has managed to support a family (and a big one at that) on the sole income I receive catering to homeschool debaters* (can a market get any nichier?).

I have a lot of friends who fit this mold, the “platform” mold, that is. They have passion, charisma, a strong message, etc., but they clunk along and struggle to make ends meet. They only dream of bringing their platform to the next level and becoming the masters of what God has called them to do.

If you need to tap into the secrets to building your platform, then join Wendy and me for the 2014 Platform Conference in Colorado Springs, November 9-11, 2014.

You need to take your platforms seriously, and that’s what the Platform Conference does. Wendy and I want to take our Jeub Family platform to the next level, so we’re going. If you act by August 1, you can join us AND cut your costs down by $200. Here’s how…

Cut Your Cost by $100

There are three price points for the Platform Conference, one (the most expensive one) is already sold out. So, the two prices are $997 and $1397. See the differences between the two here, but let me list the discount you can enjoy:

“JEUB” coupon code 

Use “JEUB” as a coupon code and get $100 off.

Is that cool, or what? Wendy and I already bought our tickets, and doing the math put a big smile on our faces.

When you register, be sure to let me know. Wendy and I will pull together our friends and stick close together. I can’t wait to get to know you and encourage you in your journey in building your platform. We need to lift each other up, and that’s what you, Wendy and I will be doing at the Platform Conference in November!

Register for Platform Conference

Use Promotion Code “JEUB” for $100 Off

And if you have any questions, type your questions out in the comment section below. I bet you aren’t the first to ask them. And remember, I attended Platform already, so I know from a customer’s perspective that this is going to be awesome!