Join Us in Our Journey to Australia

Wendy and I are traveling to Melbourne, Australia! This is a trip of a lifetime, heading down under to connect with our daughter Alissa in what I suspect will be a true blessing to our family. I think you should follow along, and we have specific ways for you to join us.

Journey to Melbourne

Our daughter Alissa lives in Melbourne, and we’re on our way to visit her.

Why Follow Us to Australia

We leave tonight. At times I suspect Wendy and I will sound like a couple of giddy lovebirds on spring break. If you follow us, you will see plenty of self-absorbed “look at us!” tourist shots and selfies. I apologize ahead of time.

But I hesitate to call this vacation. We’re on a journey. And we will be “live blogging” of sorts. I think you will want to follow along.

Though our trip is very well planned, we are praying for relational breakthrough. We have very much enjoyed–even relished–the relationship we have with our daughter Alissa. It has not always been easy, and we are very much looking forward to connecting with Alissa face-to-face.

Actually, we have already had a ton of breakthrough dating back many years. I posted on one breakthrough yesterday (Try Encouraging the Strong Will), but we’ve gotten much more recent support. Most notably is from my mom and dad (who are at home taking care of the remaining Jeub children). We have also connected with a family counselor in Colorado Springs who have helped work through several deep issues in our family. Some of the issues are none of your business (I won’t go Kardashian on you), but others are incredibly helpful and–though difficult–full of blessings.

You may enjoy my article Three Mistakes to Family Counseling from NovemberI wrote it reflecting on our counseling with Alissa.

Come to think of it, we have always been on a life-changing journey. Aren’t you? Life is sort of lame if you aren’t. Lately, Wendy and I have been tempted to wall it all up, keep our change to ourselves, “hide it under a bushel.” I’d like to open the box a bit. In the next couple of weeks we will enjoy our visit with Alissa and her husband, Assad, online and offline.

Speaking of Assad: We haven’t even met him yet! Well, other than Skype chats, which kind of suck. We want to get to know Assad in person as we see Melbourne and do some “vacationing.” We cannot emphasize enough how much we are looking forward to connecting with Alissa’s life. 

You can tag along, and here’s how.

How to Follow Us to Australia

Two ways: this blog and Facebook.

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But truthfully, I know I won’t. Facebook may be better. Much of our experience will be on a whim, anyway, which is perfect for Facebook. Wendy and I have a Facebook Page with a few thousand “fans,” and you should be one of them:

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We appreciate your comments, likes and shares, too! Let others know of this journey we’re taking to Australia to connect with our daughter. See you down under!