Keep Your Cool

Last week went fantastic. I hosted one of the largest camps in the country, had Michael Hyatt join us as keynote speaker, and pulled off a camp that will be remembered for years by these students.

Keep Your Cool

That’s not to say it wasn’t without its problems. In fact, there were a boatload of them. It was almost comical at times: rooms locked behind us, double-booking events, inappropriate comments from people who you’d think would be on your side. It was bad!

I’ve gotten used to something: when things go wrong, big things are about to happen. The only response is to keep your cool. I came up with a list. Remember these things…

  • Things will go wrong. Always.
  • When things go wrong, expect the best, not the worst, in people.
  • Get problems solved swiftly, and then press on.
  • Don’t take up an hour of the boss’s time with things that can wait till later.
  • Don’t pull people into a problem who don’t need to be pulled into the problem.
  • When you’re caught unprepared, there is no other justifiable response than this: get prepared.
  • Sorting out who’s to blame can wait till later.
  • Don’t assume the boss is right. And NEVER assume he has his act totally together.
  • Be happy, and handle frustrations with good cheer.
  • Be calm, carry on.

Keep these things in mind for your next event. Do you know of any others?