‘Fully Alive’ Lives Up to Its Subtitle: It Will Change You

A few times in the year I read a book aloud to my family. I choose wisely because I want them to be significant books for my kids, books that carry a big impact. This summer I read Fully Alive: A Journey That Will Change Your Life by Ken Davis. I believe Ken Davis’ book Fully Alive lives up to its subtitle: it will change your life. 

I read Ken Davis’ book to my family, even on vacation in Minnesota this summer. I can’t recommend it higher.

This is most fun: I’ve gotten to know Ken over the past couple years. After attending one of his professional conferences, I booked him to keynote at our Training Minds Camp in 2011. He was perfect because, like my campers, he was an academic speaker in high school – so he totally connected with my campers. Afterward, I got to know his team of fine people, and they hired me to help set up a comedy tour and develop some promotional campaigns for a feature movie. Ken is funny, adventurous, professional and clean. I’ve loved working alongside him and his team.

Comedy is no easy show, but for over 40 years Ken has built up one of the most successful careers in the genre. You’d think his book would be about how great his life has been, but it is a humble memoir. Ken starts the book off with admissions that most would hide, the most prominent being his struggle with obesity and depression. Ken experienced a low time in his life where he expected he would wither away and die.

Isn’t that refreshing? I enjoy self-help books, but Fully Alive hits a bullseye that few of them hit. The message is filled with honesty, hope, faith, and love. There were many times when reading it aloud that I was moved to tears – Wendy and the kids, too. Fully Alive carries an absolutely rivoting message that lives up to its subtitle: it truly changes you. Let me share three ways it does.

1. “Fully Alive” Is a New Perspective

Most people work, go to church, raise their families, and coast through life. They take it easy. Relax. Then the years pass and there is no great story of their life. Ken tells of his own personal story of how he used to think way. After years of a successful career, he was overweight, depressed, and thinking he’d just whither away in retirement.

I’m a busy guy. I’ve been blessed with a most faithful and beautiful wife, 16 wonderful children, a nonprofit and business that keep me happy and motivated. It could be argued that I live “fully alive.” But you know what? Ken’s book spoke to me in a very personal way. In my heart of hearts, I compromise too much in my personal race for the prize. Too often I seek easy. Instead, I should run the race of life that is my destiny (that may sound Star Warish, sorry…Ken says it much better).

I believe you’ll find the same in Fully Alive. You will personalize Ken’s stories and understand the profound truths that God has in store for you. You will turn back from easy street and instead take on the life you were created to live.

2. “Fully Alive” Saves Us from Decay

Physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally, too many of us have come to believe that we should whither away. Almost like we deserve it. After a life of working hard, we should retire and wither away. Ken settles for none of that.

Ken spends a good deal of time talking through his physical trials where he was 60 pounds overweight, and how he turned the tide of losing himself physically. It’s a good read, similar to my wife Wendy’s testimony in Love in a Diet.

But we are in a world wound up in crafty lies that encourage us to decay and disappear. Ken explores much of these faulty ideas throughout the book. Ken makes the strong argument that we aren’t meant to drift away. We’re meant to live!

3. “Fully Alive” Is a Spiritual Adventure

Don’t think Fully Alive is feel-good fluff. Ken gives some specifics that help. You see, we’re all at different levels in life, and that’s okay. But those levels should be no excuse. Ken discovered the full life in his 60s, me in my 40s, my daughter Cynthia (and many of her friends) in her 20s. The point Ken makes is that God is NOT done with any of us yet – no matter where our walk is in life – and the only response He wants from us is to believe and follow Him.

Doesn’t this sound like a great book? I think it’s a life-changer. You can download a free chapter here. In case you’re wondering, this is NOT an affiliate link where I get a cut of every sale. I’m promoting this book because I love it, and I believe you desire to live fully alive. So, order this today.

Question: Do you want to live fully alive? If you read this book already, explain what it meant to you.

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  • AndreaMaddiex

    Yep, that’s what I want, to be FULLY alive-not just surviving. Sounds like a good book. I will check out the free chapter.