Kirk Cameron and Christian Scrooges

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas released over the weekend, and the storyline appears to be different than many expected. Rather than saving Christmas from evil attempts to remove nativity scenes from public places, Saving Christmas is out to save Christmas from Christians.

Just look at the picture of its movie poster. You get a much different impression: this movie is going to be all about how non-Christians should just shut up and accept America’s Christian heritage. Stop suing communities for having manger scenes and quit being atheist scrooges.

It looks like this movie is different. Even The Daily Beast is showing its respects.

The world definitely needs to reform their views of Christmas, but so do Christians. I believe we need to stop, pause and go with a more truthful and Christ-centered view of the Christmas holiday. I’m looking forward to it.

STOP fixating on Pagan influence

The Christian character in the movie (Kirk’s brother in law) is “just not into Christmas this year.” I’ve known people like him. Watch the trailer: he goes off on his distaste for Christmas, rambling on as if he is responding to a heartfelt conviction from God himself:

“Newsflash! [Christmas trees are] not in the bible. It’s a pagan idol symbol. It was the winter solstice. Jesus was not born in December. It’s exactly what the druids did. It’s like a carjacking, but of our religion. Guess what? Santa got in the car, kicked Jesus out, and was, like, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. He took it.”

I remember being pinned by someone in our church about a dozen years ago, someone who had good intentions, but was a grump about Christmas. He had a list of personal issues like Kirk’s brother-in-law, proudly claiming that his family never celebrates Christmas. “It’s just another day of the year, and Christ should be celebrated every day of the year.”

He wasn’t a very joyous guy.

This is the truth that should be fixated upon: peace, joy and love entered the world. Why give any attention at all to paganism, materialism, and joylessness of the season? We should pause when we’re led away from the main focus, which is my next point…

PAUSE when hearing this jibberish

The church we attended didn’t abolish Christmas, but the sermons sure made fun of it. My family still talks about one of the last ones we sat through, and it gives me pause still to this day.

The sermon was on the evils of It’s a Wonderful Life. The pastor didn’t know it, but my family watches the 1946 classic every year. The narrative is one that should be celebrated, not condemned. The parents of the movie (played by Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed) are reminded of the great blessings of family, love and their great blessings amidst their monetary struggles. It is a beautiful movie that puts us all into the spirit of the season.

But not to this pastor. He deconstructed the classic into a conspiracy by communists attempting to undermine capitalism and replace it with pagan lies about angels gaining their wings.

We left that church a decade ago. Surprised?

These awful teachings still exist, and Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas is reminding us that we should lighten up. Christians should be smarter than the brother-in-law in the movie. We should question those who teach against the joy of the season. Wendy and I paused years ago and asked ourselves if this was the church we want to raise our children in, and the answer was no. 

In fact, the more punctual answer was to go…

GO and celebrate the Good News of Christ

Did last month’s scuffle over Halloween catch your attention? Kirk Cameron attempted to reclaim Halloween as a Christian holiday (see “Kirk Cameron on Halloween: ‘Christians Should Have the Biggest Party on the Block’“). Good for him and for everyone who took his advice. Wendy and I took our littlest children trick-or-treating in downtown Monument, connected with our neighbors, and had a wonderful time. My older children attended a party at a friends’ home. It was a good, clean and joyous evening without an ounce of paganism.

This wasn’t good enough for some. I posted on my Facebook that “I’m with Kirk on this one,” and a vile debate over whether or not Cameron should repent of satanism subsumed. Read the post here.

But only a few were the anti-halloween types. Most were reasonable, sensible Christians who — perhaps like me — stopped, paused, and went with a more joyous response to the holiday.

I hope Saving Christmas lands on similar ground. There are fallacious attempts by some to steal the joy from my family, and that’s where I draw the line. Even if these attempts come from well-meaning Christians. I simply want to celebrate Christmas with the same kind of love and harmony that I believe people should celebrate it. This gives me — and perhaps Kirk Cameron — more resolve:

I refuse the attempt to claim Christmas as a pagan holiday. It is the celebration of Christ’s birth, pure and simple, and that is what my family will be celebrating.

I suppose there is an academic study to help weed out the good from the bad, but this is hardly the Great Commission. “Go into the world and make disciples of nations.” This holiday season is about peace, hope and love, and I’m not going to add to that at all.

Here’s the trailer. Let me know what you think of the movie…

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  • We tend to forget that it was us (Christians) that chose to celebrate Christmas in December BECAUSE that was the time of a pagan festival. We were offering an alternative.

    • A very poignant observation, indeed! Thanks Greg.