Last Call for Camps

Today’s the first day of July, which for summer training means Training Minds Camp registrations are closing. [Update: We have extended registration through July 6.] We have the absolute best programs for you, but you need to register today in order to take full advantage of “training minds for action.”

Our results and testimonials speak for themselves.

We have a lot of fun at camp, but our results and testimonials make camp awesome.

Before I list the camps for you to consider, let me explain how incredibly helpful the Training Minds Camps are. We’ve been doing them since 2002 and have perfected speech and debate training to a tee, so much so that we consistently produce champion speakers and debaters.

The base cost of our three camps is $300, and I suspect you’d like to see the proof before cutting check to Training Minds Ministry. Judging by results and testimonials, you will want to join the Training Minds Alumni as a camper this summer.

First, results. Stoa NITOC (National Invitational Tournament of Champions) in May was absolutely incredible: Alumni won over half the title 1st Place trophies. Last month at the National Christian Forensics & Communications Association, alumni took finalist seats in both Team-Policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate.

Competitive success is one thing, but the testimonials we have enjoyed over the years has been quite amazing (check them out here). It goes without much persuading at all: Training Minds Camps is where you want to be to prepare for the upcoming year of speech and debate competition.

So, back to my request to you: register today. Click the following images for more information:


(Though slots are still limited)

texas camp

colorado camp

dc camp