Limited Seating for Keynote Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow is Training Minds Camp’s keynote speaker, set to speak in two weeks, and you’re invited! (Details below.) Let me give you a sneak peak into what Josh is speaking on, and why it is important to you.

Josh (2nd from left) connecting with others at the For Action Conference.

Blimey Cow creator Josh Taylor (2nd from left) connecting with others at the For Action Conference.

Josh spoke at our first-ever For Action Conference at Focus on the Family in January. He joined seasoned speakers like Andrew Pudewa, Jim Daly, James O’Keefe, and yours-truly in this special three-day event geared toward millennials. There were other millennials speaking at this conference, but Josh brought the most enthusiasm and expertise to the table, and the kids ate it up.

Enthusiasm and expertise. Youth speakers with enthusiasm are a dime-a-dozen, but those with expertise are rare.

If you’re a young person (or you have a young person on your heart and mind), Josh will be sharing the why and how to do that which God is calling you to do. Such a needed message today, and Josh brings it home:

  1. Enthusiasm. Josh just turned 26. He has an authentic (and sometimes edgy) faith in God that connects with young people (and even “edgy” old guys like me). He’s walking the walk that God has for him, he believes everyone should, and he knows how to do it right…
  2. Expertise. Josh gets specific. He understands the unique world of platform building, so much so that he has garnered millions of followers and made a bigger impact on the world than most 44-year-old ministers.

Ahem…that’s me. I’ve been in youth ministry for decades, but I’ve learned more from Josh Taylor than any conference/curriculum has ever taught me. I’m pumped about Josh being the keynote in Texas, and I want you to be there.

Josh will be speaking from 7-9 pm at the Legacy Church of Christ in North Richland Hills (in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex area). Admission is only $3. Bring the family:

You can also visit the registration site directly.