Love and Win a Book

I gave the first books away yesterday to Cathy O. from New York, and I sent off the second email to a lucky winner this morning asking for a mailing address. Why am I giving away $100 worth of books? I have three good reasons.

This is my club. I show you how to pull together your own in my book.

This is my speech and debate club. I show you how to join a club—or pull together your own—in my new book.

1. You’re going to LOVE the book

Cathy O. sure will. “WOW!! I can’t believe it!! I can’t remember if I ever won anything!! THANK YOU!” was her response. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of it!

When you subscribe to my site, you receive the introductory sections to breeze through. You’ll catch the vision when you do: speech and debate is awesome. My goal is to make it easy to understand and doable in your mind. Whether a student, teacher, parent, or administrator, you have it within your capability to put speech and debate at the forefront of your educational ambitions.

I just got back from an expedition to Tulsa for a tournament, and I’m heading to San Diego next week for another venture into competition. The kids are learning more than they ever could in traditional educational environments. I’m telling ya: get involved in this community. My book shows you how it’s done.

2. You’re going to LOVE my blog

I think I’ll always blog about speech and debate, but I also blog about an assortment of topics. I am fond of entrepreneurism, self-employment, philosophy, and family life. I’m a proud dad of 16 children and a self-employed platform builder. My wife, Wendy, and I love to talk about love (we have five books with “love” in each of their titles) which we believe is the most important virtue in life.

So I think you’re going to love being subscribed. I post 3-4 times per week, I hope that isn’t too overwhelming, and you can take and leave what you will. As I say on my About page, “If you find any of these things interesting, this blog is for you. Even if you don’t, I welcome you to the discussion here at my blog.” I believe you’re going to love being a subscriber to my blog.

3. You’re going to LOVE our new friendship.

If you don’t know me personally, this may sounds a little awkward. “Please, please be my friend!” Don’t be weirded out; hear me out for a moment. Communication has been my passion for at least two decades (hey, I wrote the guide), and I believe we’re in exciting times.

There is a unique revolution in communication going on before us. Because we’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of it, it’s tough to recognize. It’s definitely a dramatic paradigm change in how we communicate with one another. Some have called it the Connection Revolution, sharply different from the industrial or information ages of the recent decades and centuries. The Connection Revolution…

  • …values transparency over privacy.
  • …values friendships over contracts.
  • …values honesty over manipulation.
  • …values individuality over corporations.
  • …values platforms over companies.

I’m an optimist. I have a lot of high hopes for the future of our world, and I love pouring that hope into the young people of today (hense my book give-away this week, Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate). I invite you to befriend me in my journey and subscribe to my blog.

And maybe you’ll be the next winner of my book! Here’s how to be considered in the remaining three drawings:

  1. Share this article on Facebook or Twitter or both. (Email your friends, too, while you’re at it.)
  2. Subscribe to (The intro pages come free with a download, too, so you can start reading right away.)