Love in the Wild – Part 1

I have to confess something. I’d rather stay up in my living room than take the dog for a walk. I would rather stay home than go hunting. I’d rather sit in my office chair than take a jog around our two-mile block.

I took this picture bow hunting in August. You can barely see my daughter Lydia’s silhouette in the forest burn.

But to do what I would “rather” do is a temptation that I regularly resist. Some days it’s an all-out fight. I must force myself from my recliner, my home, my office. I make the conscientious effort to run to the wild periodically through my life.

“Wild.” Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I’ve known crazy hunters in my time, and I don’t really enjoy their company. Gun enthusiasts who want to sit at a firing range all day popping their handguns. I just don’t relate. Joggers can be obsessive, and those who are often don’t look like the healthiest people, either.

Yet, I jog. I hunt. I own several rifles. I’m talking “wild,” not “crazy.” I love the wild, and I never regret a job, a hunt or a daily walk in the wild.

Do you feel bogged down by your job, sick and tired of the cubicle life, or searching for something (not sure what, just something)? It may very well be that you need to get out. I’m not saying run a marathon or go on an African safari. Just get out.

I need it. My business keeps me busy, but I intentionally have disciplines to keep my business life from consuming me. And these “wild” times are extended throughout my year, even my entire life.

Tomorrow I’ll explain how.

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