Making It Rock at Nationals

Differentiation is a strategy implemented by champion speakers and debaters. The idea: differentiate from your competition and you’ll win the round. For me, that’s the Nationals Intensive Training Camp (NITC) I run.

NITC 2012

I’m sort of surprised when I hear competitors doubt the idea. “Why should I go to NITC?” No other organization is offering it to competitors, so why do it?

Simple answer: Because you made it to Nationals, and you want to have the best National experience you can possibly have.

Long answer: Let me explain the history of the NITC idea and how this unique camp benefits its attendees.

We host our debate camps in the summer, but we don’t want you to ever think that we stop there. We want nothing more than to see competitors all the way through to the final round at nationals. I believe our success record speaks to this focus: we’re training competitors for success, and we mean it! 

A few years ago we coaches came up with the idea of the National Intensive Training Camp (NITC). We pronounce it “Nit-see” for short. The idea is simple: Take a committed group of students for the couple days before Nationals and train them for success.

On a deeper level, we love to coach debate because we earnestly believe there are few activities that help “train the mind for action.” This is a responsibility we take very seriously. We desire for students to do well in competition because, in turn, they will be prepared to do great things above and beyond competition.

But to be honest, the best tournament is often not Nationals. Students have a good month between the final qualifier and Nationals, so teams typically are a bit rusty. Debaters need a good dose of drills and coaching…they need NITC!

Those who have taken us up on this invitation have had a tremendous track record of performing at Nationals. Check out the Training Minds success page. The numbers don’t lie: NITC produces champions.

This year we are hosting two NITC camps for both Stoa NITOC (May 18-19) and NCFCA Nationals (June 15-16). Registrants from both are going to take their national tournament by storm.

Check out NITOC NITC here, and NCFCA NITC will announce soon.