Markup Word Docs Like a Boss (Using Styles)

I own Monument Publishing, an educational publishing company for academic debaters. I started out as a simple self-publisher of one book per year, but we grew to become a powerhouse of sourcebooks and textbooks for my niche, well over 4,000 pages every year.

We’re under strict deadlines, too. The leagues release their debate resolutions and event rules, then my coaches and I get to work. We spend our summers pounding out debate cases, essays, briefs, etc. I have about 35 people involved in details of writing, studying, coaching, editing, publishing.

It’s nearly a miracle: we published all the content by August 1, just in time for clubs, classes and co-ops across the country. We even had many of these books — hot off the press — for our debate camps in the last few weeks.

I apply one very simple strategy in order to accomplish so much: I mark up my Word Docs with styles.

Most people mark up their Word Documents using the Font and Paragraph palette. The problem with this method is if you decide to make one change to a standard font or heading, you have to make that change throughout your document.

But you don’t have to do this when you assign a style. As the video explains, marking up your Word Document will save hours upon hours if you do it right from the start. If it wasn’t for styles, I would not be able to get nearly as much done every summer as I do.

Now you can save tons of time for your next writing project. Just apply styles.

You’re welcome.

Styles is the only way to mark-up debate briefs.

Styles is the only way to mark-up debate briefs.