Merry Christmas from Blimey Cow

I do not think I can express how excited I am to have Josh and Jordan Taylor of Blimey Cow joining us in Colorado Springs for the For Action Conference. Check out their latest video:

Don’t know who the Taylors are? You probably know from their videos. Every Monday they get significant Internet traction from the movies they make. They cover all sorts of topics that get you thinking about the true meaning of things. This week is Christmas.

Do you want to join the Taylors for three days of the For Action Conference? The purpose of the conference is to pull together young adults to help inspire and equip them to greater purpose. Tickets are only $179 and space is still available:

For Action Conference

January 2-4, 2014
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs

Watch video on YouTube

Watch video on YouTube

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  • Sheila Warner

    I loved the message, especially the part about how retailers bombard us with commercials in order to create a need for products. I found it a bit ironic, however, that during the video, there was an ad for a company promising to be your “Christmas outfitters.” Perhaps this could be deleted? It prevented me from sharing this video. Just a critique from someone else who wants nothing for Christmas, except the joy that comes from the birth of Jesus.

    • How ironic. This happens all the time with Google Ads, which is an automatic ad. The Taylors aren’t hand-picking the ads; they’re automatically generated from the keywords in the video. So, you get ads for Christmas consumerism when you make a video criticizing Christmas consumerism.

      So, share the video, and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s your way of encouraging their good work.