Hello this is Priscilla speaking! I’m the letter-writer this year. I am going to tell you about what us Jeubs did in 2017!! Here we go…


In January I forgot what happened. Noah and Tabitha actually had a tournament. They did well all year long. Dad built a trophy shelf in the living room to fit them all. It includes more than just their trophies though. Some are mine.

Um. On Tabitha’s calendar it says on January 4th-7th they had “MHQ.” I do not know what that means. I think MHQ means a tournament happened. I think Noah and Tabitha did win because they came home with cool fossil rock trophies. There was no speech and debate club on January 9th for Noah and Tabitha.

Trump got into office on the 20th. I like it. I think. In January we were in school still.


Moving onto February. Mom’s b-day happened on the 6th. I am pretty sure she is younger than 100. She is 49 now so when she turns 50 she is going to be halfway to 100. Dad also had a birthday. I think we celebrated Mom and Dad’s birthday on the same time on the 16th. No, the 13th. Tabitha turned 17 on the 24th, and we celebrated that.

We went skiing in March. Skiing was fun. I do not remember skiing that much. I did ski but like I don’t remember what happened. I did get swiped out and a girl helped me because I couldn’t put on my shoe, I mean ski. She rubbed off the snow off it.

That’s all that happened in February. Skiing was the only fun thing that I did.


In March Tabitha got up at 5:05. Um.. Dad, Noah and Tabitha went to a tournament in California. They stayed at the Stouts. One time I did the Christmas letter and I said how I wanted to live at the Stouts. Put this next part in capital letters.


In March Zechy turned 8. Alissa turned thirty-something and still lives in Australia with her husband Asaad. And I think Isaiah turned 21 which means he can drink now. I said CAN not SHOULD.

Nothing else happened in March because March was a boring time.


In April Easter happened. What did we do on Sunday again? We did Easter and hid the eggs. I found an egg on the… I forgot.

Keilah’s birthday happened on the 19th. She turned an age. I think she turned 16. Did she turn 17 or did she turn 16? Cause now she’s a teenager. Elijah has a birthday too, he’s 6 now.

Micah graduated from welding school and now works for a construction company in Colorado Springs. He makes more money than anyone in the family and drives a nice Excursion. Ok.

And I wore my red jacket with sparkles. It was soooooo cold. I was going to freeze my eyes out. My eyes weren’t cold, I was cold. Yeah it was cold.


Now, in May we had Mother’s Day. I wanted Mom to get a chocolate rose so that I could eat it. We took a selfie without me in it. So, it was boring.

Josiah is a teenager now. We also had an old friend visit, Josiah Heppner, who Josiah Jeub is names after. Zech got the Lynx Award for the best 1st grade boy at school, and his artwork was published in the district calendar. Isaiah graduated from CSEC. Tabitha and Noah went to NITOC in Tennessee and did well, but not as well as they thought. Their friends, though, won! So it was all good.

When they got back, they got jobs at McDonalds. Now McDonald’s is my least favorite. I’m joking, it’s my McFavorite.


Something happened in June. Noah and Tabitha went to another tournament because all they do are tournaments. We had Dad’s old high school friend over and her daughter did my nails. But, that was the second time they came over.

Julia moved to Colorado. She’s Micah’s girlfriend and she comes over a lot. We all love Julia, just as much as Chrissy, Noah’s girlfriend. Lydia had a birthday.


We went camping at the Colorado Sand Dunes. What happened? We tried to slide down on a cardboard box but it didn’t work, so we went on a sled that was meant for snails, I mean sand. And I saw a spider at the Sand Dunes. Me and Havilah played a game there and Havilah by accident ate sand. I don’t know if it was an accident.

I wrote a bucket list and lost it.

Josiah and I have an inside joke. It was, “Squirrels are potatoes at night,” and then everybody thought it was so funny that it turned out not to be an inside joke anymore. Josiah asked Tabitha what “squirrels are potatoes at night” was in Spanish, and that became our new inside joke, but I forgot it and now we don’t say it anymore and it’s sad.

In July I X’d off the squares on my calendar with nail polish. On the 4th of July, my friend Annabelle and I went in the kitty parade together and we got lost and then the big parade started, I almost cried because I was lost and a girl came up and asked if we were lost and I said yes and she said “do any of you know your parents phone number?” and Annabelle said, “No.” I said, “Yes” and I told her my mom’s phone number. Um. I told her and she called my mom and texted my mom and she sent mom a picture of us and I told her that I remembered that we setup where to watch the parade across the street from Limbach park. She started bringing us to Limbach park and then Annabelle’s dad found us and we went back and got a lot of candy. That is actually what happened.

I still haven’t found my bucket list.

In July Noah… Was Noah there? I mean Hannah and Tabitha and other people went to a debate camp at the Ponderosa. My dad ran it and had famous coaches there. I got to go and visit and eat at the cafeteria, but I didn’t know anyone. Only Hannah and Tabitha and all their friends.


School started in August. We started school on, what day did we start school on? School started in August. I already knew my 3rd grade teacher from 1st grade! Just so you know school is boring but I already knew my teacher in first grade. I already knew her. Okay.

Oh! Kittens came! Kittens, uh, the cat was pregnant and then it kittened and my favorite kitten is named Popcorn. Hannah’s birthday happened in August, she turned an age that nobody knows about because she’s weird. She turned 15. Noah also had a b-day, he’s 19 now.

Then the solar eclipse happened. I was at school so it was boring but they had like moon chips and moon cheese and by “They” I mean my family who were not at school. But, when I got home my grandparents were visiting!

Zech and Elijah went to a baseball game with dad, not with me.


In September I did a really awesome painting. It’s so cool like the world blew up! I did it in my backyard, I mean frontyard.

And the Jeub Birthday Bash happened, and we had a rock wall delivered from our new neighbors, and a bouncy house too. And there was a pinata, the pinata didn’t break open. We did get candy, but all the candies came out, not only one piece, but it was fun because of the rock wall.


In October was hunting. They had fun even without me. Micah and Dad got bulls and Josiah got a cow. I ate all the elk they brought home, just kidding. It was like really fun even though I did not go. It was the best week of my year because we were always late for school because my Mom never woke up on time and then when all the big kids came home from hunting I remembered that they were back and we couldn’t have fun with Mom anymore.

Havilah and Joshua had birthday in October, they have to share a birthday because they were both birthed on that day.


November was my birthday and my birthday was awesome and I still have a balloon from my birthday. I got bubble gum and mint candy.

And Skipper had puppies, I mean Indie his dog had puppies. Indie is Lydia and Skip’s dog and I love when they come over and we can all pet the puppies, we’re all like, “Awww!” Even Skipper who does not know how to talk yet.

In November we saw Santa. I do not know if he was real, he probably wasn’t real because Mom and Dad give us Santa’s presents every year. That much I know but I don’t know if Santa is real for sure.

Oh and Hannah and Tabitha had a tournament and they didn’t get chess pieces so they probably got last place. They got first place. Just kidding they probably got last place.

And Tabitha drew a picture. Oh, and I played monopoly.

Oh, and then there was Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving was fun because Annabelle and her family and the Gilberts came over and we had a feast of turkey. And if you are a vegan then you shouldn’t be…because turkey is delicious.

We set up the Christmas tree and my stocking and all the stockings! And my stocking had something in it from last year. I laughed, and I wasn’t embarrassed.


December 1st was Rome Day at school and it was the funnest day of my life. I dressed up as a patrician, if you know what a patrician is then you are correct. And Dad looked good.

December is when there was a free giveaway of stuffed animals in Monument, so I got everyone Christmas gifts there, but I cannot tell you what the gifts are. It is illegal and I will go to jail, and I will go to jail if I tell you.

Dad is reading “Tabitha’s Travels” for Advent. It’s about a girl who gets lost and has to save her dad from Romans. In the end she meets Jesus with her friends Jotham and Bartholomew, who also have their own books. I already know what happens in the end. Jesus is born.

Which is why we celebrate Christmas! Merry Christmas! I love all my friends and family!

See you all in 2018!!


“For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world— to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” John 18:37

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

“…the Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the world.” 1 John 4:14

“For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

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