Wendy and I took a week-long vacation down the midwest, from St. Paul to Dallas, saddling two major speech and debate events. Here’s the rundown of the excitement.

Start: NCFCA Nationals in St. Paul

This is how the vacation started. I drove out to NCFCA Nationals at University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN. Wendy flew out and we started our vacation. The tournament was awesome and I got to connect with some of my authors.

Stop #1 in our Midwest tour: Family in Central Wisconsin.

The best part of this trip was my advice to put a gazebo in Rachel’s garden. Don’t you all think that would be awesome?

Stop #2 in our Midwest tour: The Real Cheese.

Not much made it home.

Stop #3 in our Midwest tour: Janesville, WI.

This was one of our biggest highlights for me. We stomped around my old stomping grounds and was greeted by my neighbors from my childhood. We reminisced for a good hour on the front lawn. What a blast from the past!

Stop #4 in our Midwest tour: Honey Lake.

Another blast from the past. We visited Honey Lake in Burlington, IL. I spent a lot of time growing up in this area.

Stop #5 in our Midwest tour: Burlington, WI.

Another stop to visit family in Burlington. Wendy’s brother, Tod, and wife Cheryl treated us like royalty with a fabulous meal. And special visit from our nephew Joe!

Stop #6 in our Midwest tour: Palatine, IL.

More family in Palatine, IL, with my cousin Chuck, Aunt Mary Lou, and mom’s cousin Sally. Chicago style pizza is the bomb!

Stop #7 in our Midwest tour: Branson, MO.

What a treat! Sally set us up with a family friend in Branson who got us a fantastic deal on a hotel and comped us tickets to see Six, a family of brothers who sing acapella.

Stop #8 in our Midwest tour: Stoa Academy in Irving, TX.

On the other side of the tour we attended Stoa Academy. I was the event photographer, and here are my favorite pictures.

Stop #9 in our Midwest tour: Another Duggar Wedding.

This stop wasn’t planned, either, but we decided to jump in mid-week. I wasn’t able to post on the event till a week later. It was a wonderful time!

Stop #10 in our Midwest tour: Friends on the way home.

Wendy and I were anxious to get home, so this last stop was quick. Too quick!

The vacation is now over and we’re back home. What do you think of our trip? Post below, or on any of the Facebook embeds above.