Module 2: SPEAK

Communicate your important thoughts through a model of persuasion

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Module 2: Speak

In this video, you will speaking your important thoughts through a proven model of persuasion and a “magic question.”¬†Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to win a FREE copy of Scott Adam’s book “Win Bigly.”
  • How to channel anger, emotion, and other irrational feelings to THINK before SPEAKING.
  • How to overcome the unfortunate reality that most people do not let the research guide them.
  • The Toulmin Model and how it structures claims that are convincing and receivable by those who you are trying to persuade.
  • The three basic levels of the model (claim, warrant and qualifications) and how it structures stronger arguments.
  • How to persuade someone who is not Chris Jeub’s student and who does not care about reasoning.
  • A MAGIC QUESTION that you can ask whenever a person you are trying to persuade is stuck in the claim.

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