Starting the journey of a master persuader

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Module 4: Transformation

In this video, you will learn three life-changing advantages to becoming a master persuader, plus be invited to join Training Minds University. Specifically, you will learn:

  • WHY you took the PERSUADE class in the first place.
  • How to use master persuasion to GET RICHER.
  • How to use master persuasion to DEVELOP DEEPER RELATIONSHIPS.
  • How to use master persuasion to BECOME MORE FULFILLED.
  • What it means to “TRAIN THE MIND FOR ACTION” and where that term came from.
  • How to get access to PERSUADE after this class closes next week.
  • How to get weekly lessons on MASTER PERSUASION.
  • How to get DIRECT ACCESS to Chris Jeub for persuasive coaching.

COMMENT BELOW! I want to continue this journey to master persuasion. See you in class!

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