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Module 4: Transformation

In this video, you will learn three life-changing advantages to becoming a master persuader, plus be invited to join Training Minds University. Specifically, you will learn:

  • WHY you took the PERSUADE class in the first place.
  • How to use master persuasion to GET RICHER.
  • How to use master persuasion to DEVELOP DEEPER RELATIONSHIPS.
  • How to use master persuasion to BECOME MORE FULFILLED.
  • What it means to “TRAIN THE MIND FOR ACTION” and where that term came from.
  • How to get access to PERSUADE after this class closes next week.
  • How to get weekly lessons on MASTER PERSUASION.
  • How to get DIRECT ACCESS to Chris Jeub for persuasive coaching.

COMMENT BELOW! I want to continue this journey to master persuasion. See you in class!

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  • Justus Carnley

    Am I correct to guess that the announcement of the book contest winners in on the 15th or 16th?

    • I’m thinking I’ll do it on Thursday, or in the first class tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know when I do.

  • Mary Lichlyter

    Chris, these monthly webinars on the fourth Tuesdays… what time of day will those be? And is there any provision for students who can’t get to their computers when the webinar is scheduled?

    • I haven’t set the time yet, just the date. I will record the session and have it available to watch, but minus the interaction.

      • Mary Lichlyter

        Thanks – that’s good to know. My schedule is different every day. Another question: Did you say a person could pay for TMU via PayPal, or did I imagine that? I just looked on the application and it seems to indicate only credit cards.

  • Autumn Schwinn

    These videos have been really great! In answer to the question: I took this course to become better at getting my ideas out and persuading others about them. And while being in college I want to be able to hold my ground when my opinions or beliefs are not shared with fellow classmates. I want to know how to persuade and impact my arguments to anyone at anytime I need to. I am preparing myself for going out into the real world. And I believe your videos’ are helping me do that. Thanks so much for this course!

    • Thanks for joining it, Autumn. I hope you are able to join the membership…you’d be a valuable student! (If you are a Monument Member already, check your email)