I’m a teacher at heart, and I love to create resources that help people grow. Particularly, the language arts. This includes traditional English literature and grammar, but also speech, debate, logic, persuasion, and so much more.

In fact, I’ve been creating resources for years. Years! And all my resources are gathered together under one big roof: the Monument Libraries.

If you are an academic speaker or debater in junior high or high school, you are likely a Momument Member. I work with other coaches to create source material for competitors, and we release a package of material every week to competitors nationwide.

Monument Libraries is a one-time entry to access everything I have ever published. Ever! And access lasts for ever, too! Once you buy in, you own it all.

You really need to check out the Monument Libraries. As of today, I have over $3000 worth of resources available for downloads. We have all archives of previous year resolutions, camp audios for deep study, every textbook I have on the market, and (this is new!) a host of video lessons for learning the ins and outs of speech and debate.

For now, the Monument Libraries are primarily for speakers and debaters, but I plan to release more content that is more inclusive of other language arts. The cost for all of this is currently at $199, but as the libraries grow, the price will likely grow. So, buy in today for full access!

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