Monument Publishing Authors at NITOC

You, too, could be like these champions in 2016

I had an absolute blast at the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC). Though my family didn’t compete this year, I flew to Greenville, South Carolina to join the festivities as a vendor and businessman. The tournament’s champions will be joining me on many of my endeavors. Let me explain.

Sourcebook contributors often end up here.

Sourcebook contributors often end up walking the stage at NITOC.

You can browse the results for yourself on There were many cheers and tears, as tournaments go. Let me count five personal successes that shook out by the end:

  1. Long-time camp attendees Ryan Kelly and Taryn Murphy ended up securing the #1 and #2 positions on Speechranks after the tournament results were posted. They accumulated the most points of anyone in the league.
  2. A big writer for Monument Publishing textbooks — and one of a handful of students of Travis Herche, one of my main coaches — took the highest award of the tournament, the 2015 NITOC Tournament Champion.
  3. You may know Luis Garcia as my apologetics lead-man. His little brother, Grant, won the highest honor of first place Lincoln-Douglas debater. What a heavenly treat to see big brother mentor little brother in competition. Check out this meme I made, taking a photo of them at a Training Minds Camp in 2012.
  4. Training Minds Alumni had finalists in every single event, and they secured 1st place trophies in Lincoln-Douglas debate and Broadcasting.
  5. Monument Publishing authors rocked at NITOC! Like Joseph Abell and the Murphy sisters mentioned above, authors took home a boatload of trophies: Hannah Socolofsky, Emily Casado, Maggie Topper, Evan Buck, Sarah Harder, Justin Holiman, Karlyn Leander, Brendan McKinley, Josiah Walker, Rebekah Vehrs, Will Martin and Graham Stacy.

That’s what I want to talk with you about: becoming a Monument Publishing author. If you experienced some success this year, we’d like to solicit your help in getting our sourcebooks done this summer. We’re paying, too!

In fact, of the top 10 students on, four have contracts in their hands ready to jump into contributing to Monument Publishing Sourcebooks. From my perspective, this truly rounds off a champion: an enthusiastic desire to put effort into teaching next year’s speakers and debaters.

With that to say, I have positions to fill. If you feel you had a pinnacle year of competition and would like to participate in the publishing of your work in one of the five sourcebooks, please follow this link and get your name in the selection process:


If you want to learn more about becoming an author, read Become a Monument Publishing AuthorYou’ll be interested to know how often our authors become champions by getting involved in the publishing cycle of my company. It is a great opportunity to be involved.