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Keeping humor in the most serious forensic sport

Yesterday’s Parli rounds started with the resolution: “This House believes Batman would be a better president than Superman.” This was my Noah and Tabitha’s debut into parliamentary debate. It made me think of this meme…

Weekly memes coming your way via Monument Monday.

Weekly memes coming your way via Monument Monday.

I sat in front of my computer for about three hours chuckling to myself, pulling up old pictures and scrolling through meme generators. I discovered the wonderful world of memes, and I’ve been having a ball.

I have several memes queued up to release along with Monument Mondays, the aggregate case and brief release I have for students in speech and debate. The memes will release along with free content (i.e. blog posts and podcasts) and member-only paid content. The memes are my way of keeping humor in the all-too-often serious games of speech and debate.

Before scrolling through the memes here, consider these few notes to help you keep laughing through your seasons of life:

  1. Like. I’ll post these memes on Monument Publishing’s Facebook page. Be sure to “like” it!
  2. Inspire. I have to thank Caroline Turpen of NCFCA Memes for hosting the first speech and debate meme page (at least the first that I know of). For a barrel of laughs, join her page, too!
  3. Create. I’m not the only one with a sense of humor. If you want to publish a Monument Publishing Meme, send them to me. I’m not going to weave this into our pay strategy, but I’ll give you full credit! Contact Monument Publishing