More Exciting Than Sports

The 4th of five books will be given away on Monday. I’m allowing through this weekend for the last subscriber to get their name into the pot (click here to subscribe). But can I be honest? I’ve got big reasons—much bigger than a giveaway—for why I want you to follow me.

This kids are gonna change the world.

These kids are going to change the world.

See, I’ve been building a platform for the past 15 years in a small community of speakers and debaters. On its face it appears very academic, sort of geeky, a boring, educational activity. Even when I try to make it seem like a sport, folks think I’m just trying to pull one on them. Gee, exciting: dress up and give speeches. Yay.

Can I be honest? Compared to speech and debate, sports are boring.

Don’t get me wrong. I can rile myself up like the best of them at a hot football game. But at the end of my time in front of the boob tube, I can’t see my time spent on the couch as much more than a waste.

  • Did I learn anything about life?
  • Did I clarify or exemplify a healthy worldview?
  • Did I help make the world a better place?
  • Did I do anything other than get excited over watching a bunch of millionaires throw a ball around a field?

So sorry. I’m probably upsetting my sports-fanatic friends. Do know I love you, but I’m bleeding my heart here. The community of speakers and debaters is way more exiting.

Through my work, the camps I run, and at tournaments, I meet students from all over the country. They give me hope for the world. Speech and debate kids are the brightest future this world has. If you’re not involved, just wait. You’ll see what I mean.

Tournaments are the fruitful pastures of young people. They are training their minds to take on the great work their futures hold. Go to a tournament if you can (see my Tournament Page here – I’m in San Diego next week). Your mind will be absolutely blown. I never come away with anything other than optimism. Your perspective of young people—if it was in doubt before—will forever be changed after seeing this community of kids dressed up in suits giving speeches and debating with one another.

  • You’ll leave with a rejuvenated vision for life.
  • You’ll learn from these kids about important issues and values.
  • You’ll see young people fully able to make the world a better place.
  • You’ll get excited over the possibilities these young people have to change the world.

I hope you’re the final winner of my book on Monday morning. Subscribe to my blog and you may just be the one. I cast this optimistic vision in the beginning and the end with some stories that will pump you up, but the middle of the book is packed with cut-to-the-chase content that shows you how to get involved. And the book comes with a $20 curriculum for free that can be applied to any home, private or public school.

But here’s the big reason I want you to subscribe to my blog: You are welcome in this community.

I’m in the middle of it all. Have been for 15 years. I graduated three from the program, have five (pictured above) currently competing, and have eight more queued up and ready to go. And I believe speech and debate training is just the beginning. I have huge plans that I share with my subscribers all the time. I want you to stay connected with what I have going on. Seriously, people, let’s do this speech and debate thing together!

(By the way, I have some awesome announcements to make on Monday concerning my Point Loma Camp. Just a few more details to come together. Can’t wait…and my subscribers will be the first to know the big news.)

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