Moving an Impossible Mountain

March 2015 will forever be engrained in my memory as the month Wendy and I took a 16-day excursion to Australia. It was the best time we had together since our honeymoon 24 years ago. But when I sit back and think about it, it was impossible.

The Twelve Apostles in the background, Victoria, Australia.

The Twelve Apostles in the background, Wendy, Alissa and Asaad in Victoria, Australia.

Seriously. We parent a dozen children at home, have businesses to attend to, and we don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to trek halfway around the world. Our lives are a bit crazy. We’re doing the best we can with that which heaven provides, and that is often slim pickings.

A trip to Australia for people like us? No way. It’s impossible. 

But isn’t anything possible?

It is supposed to be, at least that’s what I’m supposed to believe. This was haunting me lately, especially late last year. Getting to Australia was as impossible as moving a mountain. But I should be in the mountain-moving business, making the impossible possible. It seemed like I was using impossibility as an excuse. Some faith I had.

As you probably know, my daughter Alissa has found her home in Melbourne. What more can I say? She had come to visit us a couple of times, but we had not yet met her husband of nearly two years. Her invitation to come visit her had been tempting us for some time. Especially in the last year, Wendy and I got more and more serious about our long-distant parent/adult-child relationship. It was complicated, but we were making that possible, so why not traveling to Australia?

At Thanksgiving last year, we floated the idea with family members. Many extended family were in on this. We got a ton of support from the older Jeub children, the ones old enough to help out at home, more as adults than adolescents. How to get Wendy and Chris to Australia became the conversation of the family.

This was a mountain to move. There was quite the rocky landscape ahead of us. Picture chunks of rock swooshing out of the way as we planned:

  • Chaperones. Like I mentioned, the older Jeubs were quite supportive, but we needed more. My parents etched it into their busier-than-you’d-think retirement schedule and planned a trip to Colorado. Swoosh.
  • Money. My dad offered a bunch of credit card points to cover one plane ticket, I sold my SUV (don’t feel sorry for me, I didn’t need the gas guzzler anyway), and Qantas Airlines had a killer Christmas sale going on. Swoosh…swoosh…swoosh.
  • Time. We have 12 children. Don’t even tell me that your life is busy. Ours is impossibly busy, but as we picked apart school schedules, events, daily routines, etc., we figured out solutions for everything working out while we were gone. Swooshes galore!

This mountain moving was a lot of fun! I suspect God was enjoying it, too. Because when we finally got around to selecting the perfect two-week window to travel to Australia, we discovered the best time to travel was over Alissa’s Golden Birthday on March 29.


The rest is history (read about it here). We returned to America renewed and refreshed. Wendy and I needed it, and our time with Alissa and Asaad was truly heavenly.

I hope this encourages you. Entertain the impossible, give it some honest thought, and consider moving the mountain and make the impossible possible.

In fact, I’ll challenge you: take on that “irresponsible/reckless/crazy” opportunity you have rolling around in your head. That is what Australia appeared to us at first, but we brought God into the discussion. I bet you will enjoy the mountain moving together.