You may have been redirected to this page from We don’t have it online at the moment, but plan to return shortly. For now, we’ve got quite the story to share.

The Jeub Family is a loving, growing brood — always has been — but five years ago we suffered a brutal social smear that shook us to our core. In sum, an online mob fabricated a narrative of abuse and hypocrisy, a genuine social smear that echoed across the internet.

None of it was true.

Wendy and I decided to shut down the website. Important issues were discussed on the website that we want to bring back — issues like “Love in the House” and all sorts of interesting topics that stir up in a household of 16 children — but we first need to wrestle through our most recent story. The story that nearly destroyed us.

I wrote a book on it, due to release Summer 2020.

My book is tentatively titled Facing Hate: Overcoming Social Smearing, Recovering Relationships, and Rebuilding Your Reputation. I hope you stick around to see more about the important topic of social smearing.

You may contact me any time through the dialogue on any post on, or directly by email. May LOVE bless your home!

The Jeubs

The Jeub Family, September 2017.