My Best Business Move Last Year

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying My Sweet Home Office SuiteAnd my free book is going to be offered till the end of the month. I hope you’ve downloaded it! I’m reminded about why I love this office so much, and why I think everyone should consider building their own office suite.

My Sweet Home Office Suite

Do you remember what I did? I flew my dad from Minnesota to help me and my two sons build into my garage a 500 square foot office. My previous office was simply a room with a desk in it. It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The walls were thin and the kids ran through constantly. Needless to say, I needed my own space to work.

Actually, I’d say it was probably the best business move I made last year. My Sweet Home Office Suite provided me so much that I needed. Let me count the ways…

1. My needed space.

Self-employed folks like myself can only go so long without a functional office. But even if not self-employed, I think every working person should (or could benefit from) an office space to get entrepreneurial work done. Even a place to retreat to think of the business of the home is important. Wendy sure has enjoyed retreating to my office when she needs to get work done.

2. My creative space.

I purposely built in plenty of storage — a large closet and a kicken-big bookshelf. What this has done has given me the ability to stretch out a bit and place my projects across my desktop. I cannot emphasize how important such elbow room is. I believe I’m given the creative flexibility I need with My Sweet Home Office Suite. 

3. My productive space.

Not only am I able to create with My Sweet Home Office Suite, but I’m able to create more. Productivity is incredibly important to me. I don’t want to waste away or diddy-dally my time. I believe I’m much more productive with My Sweet Home Office Suite.

4. My quiet space.

The insulated, sound-proof walls were definitely the way to go. I can still hear the kids thumping around upstairs, but most of the time it is peaceful and quiet. This helps give me a peace of mind that allows me to get the work done. I believe the quiet atmosphere of My Sweet Home Office Suite helps me tremendously.

5. My own space.

I’ve already had quite a few meetings in my office. Most of my vendors, contractors and business partners are my friends. One of them commented how nice it would be to have their own space. It wasn’t a coveteous thought, but a truthful observation of how nice it is that I have this space to myself. There is something magical about owning My Sweet Home Office Suite.

All this to say, the download will be going away next week. Be sure to get your download here. After that, I plan to sell the book on Amazon as my first official eBook. More on that later, but for now, get your free copy.

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