My Elevator Pitch

I recently finished a book. It’ll release soon – I’m quite excited about it, and I’ll reveal more about it later this week. My editor asked me to write a 1-page explanation of who I am, what I do, and why I want readers to follow my blog. It’ll be at the beginning of the book, right before the content starts.

One page? Was he kidding? I’m a writer with a million things to say. How can I restrict my entire reason for being down to one page?

Of course, my editor is right. And you know what? Every creator – author, writer, artist, businessperson – should be able to do the same thing. The idea is this: you enter the elevator with a big-shot marketing executive; you have only the time in the elevator to deliver your pitch. Go.

Here is a fancy PDF: My Elevator Pitch. My About page is updated to fit, and I have it listed below: 

I work hard, I take care of my family, and I love to encourage others. I love life, as I believe everyone should.

Do you feel the same? I consider myself blessed. Unfortunately, I find few people who feel the same way. By “blessed” I mean doing what you love, making a good living at it, and returning that blessing to others.

That’s what I write about: living life to the fullest. I teach from what I know best – my life – and invite you along for the journey. It’s a simple proposition I have for you:

I will work hard to breathe life into every post, and in these posts I will encourage you to live free and prosperous lives in whatever direction life calls you.

Sound good? Subscribe to my site and receive updates. I hope our friendship grows as you resonate with the themes of this site. Life may be short, so there is no excuse to withering it away.

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