My First Kindle Download Is FREE

You would think that a publisher like me would be more savvy when it came to Kindle downloads. Surprise! This has been a weakness in my business. But no longer. I braved the learning curve and I am now an Amazon Kindle Publisher.

LITH cover art - 3D

I just uploaded Wendy and my first book together, Love in the House: Filling Your Home With the Greatest Commandment. I learned the ropes of Kindle publishing and I hope more titles will follow. Two things from my development you may enjoy:

  1. The book will be available for FREE through Monday night.
  2. Wendy and I would love it if you shared this offer with those whom you love.

Let me explain a bit more detail of these two developments. I honestly believe you will find this interesting and enriching.

1. FREE Book Through Monday

Perhaps you own a Kindle. Chances are you have a Kindle Reader on your phone, tablet, or computer (do a search in your App Store and you’ll find it). Any which way, you are able to download Love in the House for $9.95, which is $5 off the print version. See

When I was setting this up, I discovered Kindle has a special advertising feature that allows you to offer the download for free for a max of five days. Love in the House is a passionate book Wendy and I wrote in 2007—one that really pours our heart out about a number of deep relationship issues—so honest, we want as many people as possible to own this book.

There are some limitations to Amazon’s program, but they are all on the publisher’s shoulders. For you (the “customer”), not a dime is spent and absolutely no strings are attached. Amazon has made this incredibly easy to get our book for free. How cool is that?

2. SHARE the Love

This is a wonderful opportunity for us and you. We want the message of “love in the house” to get out to as many people as possible. A free book is the best way to do that. Share this link ( with your family and friends, or send them to this article with the social media links below.

Thank you so much, friends. I sure appreciate you, and I hope you love the Kindle book!