My Frustration Means Freebie for You

Yes, the NCFCA changed the wording of their debate resolution yesterday. Their fine print said they may. We had already written and released our free debate case the day before yesterday. And now it’s not all that topical. Grrrr.

US history with the Middle East is fascinating.

US history with the Middle East is fascinating.

This is frustrating for people like Vance and me who are pounding out content as fast as we can to get it ready for debaters nationwide, then bam, the game changes. It’s frustrating for you, too, if you downloaded the case these past couple of days. You will have to re-download when we have an alternative case.

So, let me make it up to you. My hastiness gave me an idea that you’re going to like, even if you’re not in NCFCA or a debater.

1. Middle East Chapter Free

If you don’t know Team-Policy debate very well, let me explain what happened. The resolutions released at Nationals last month. My co-author, Vance, and I hit the books strong. The topic was supposed to be on US foreign policy toward the Middle East. Naturally, Palestine is a big Middle East issue. But the new wording changed the game a bit. It included change “toward one or more countries,” and Palestine technically isn’t a country. Some say it is a country without a homeland, but that’s a little too squirrelly for one of our Spotlight Cases.

So, we’re going to swap this case out in the next few days, but until then, I’ve decided to publish for free one of the most valuable chapters in Blue Book: The History of the Topic (in this case, still the Middle East).

This is a fascinating topic, a really good one for debaters to get into. Understanding the history of this volatile part of the world is something that any homeschooler should appreciate. It is written by the case writer himself, Vance Trefethen, and is a great read all around. Especially if you’re in NCFCA team-policy debate.

2. Stoa Debaters, We Love You Too

And all the Stoa TPers are like, “Gee, I wish Stoa changed their resolution so that we could get the Chapter 5 ahead of time.” (Shame on you for wishing such things!) Leagues should announce their resolutions after they explore the wording, not before. Anyway, I have a gift for my Stoa friends…

Free Chapter 5’s all around! If you download the current download at Monument Publishing, Chapter 5 “The History of Electronic Surveillance” is in the updated version. Stoa debaters are debating things like domestic drones, email privacy, wiretappings, etc. Again, an interesting study of history even if you’re not into debate.

The Stoa debate download comes with a free case on Drones. So there.

NOTE: Limited Time Only

These free chapters will only be available till we get a new Middle East case swapped out (Vance is leaning toward Saudi Arabia, we’ll see), so download your free sample now. I will not announce the swap nor give warning, so download now.

As they say in Saudi Arabia, “When fate gives you pomegranates, make pomegranate juice.” Enjoy the free additional downloads, and I look forward to seeing you at some tournaments. Click on the image for the league of your choice:

Stoa Sample "Electronic Surveillance Law"NCFCA Sample "Middle East Policy"

Click the Image of your Choice

Download is a PDF of between 300 and 600 kbs. Its contents consist of about 7% of the actual Blue Book.

Update 7/5/14: We’ve decided to go with Saudi Arabia as the free NCFCA Case, and we’ll release that on Monday. Be sure to download your free chapter before we make the swap.