My Frustration With the 2012 Election

I’m fine if you’re not going to vote for my candidate. Honestly, I am. And I’m fine with an informed public voting for the other side of my conservative leanings. Casting a vote for the losing candidate does not bother me. And quite frankly, I can’t wait for the election cycle to finish. I’m looking forward to returning to normal American life.

But unlike any election of my lifetime, I’m most troubled. There’s a lot on the line, but there is one troubling reality that is really bothering me. Funny thing, it has little to do with government policy. While we have three branches of government created to take care of policy, we have a freedom of the press that is supposed to bring truthful information to you and me. It has been called the “fourth branch of government,” and arguably its the one that keeps the other three accountable.

But that isn’t happening. The traditional media is almost campaigning for the Obama Administration. Do you feel the same way? Before answering, allow me to explain.

I haven’t seen the recent movie Obama: 2016, but the subtitle shows a most convincing reality: “Love Him, Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him.” We do not know the President of the United States. Why? Because the media has not vetted him, researched him, demanded the release of information on him. It’s like they’ve been charmed by him and refuse to look into his past.

This refusal to question the integrity of the #1 leader of the free world is bothersome because it rolls into the refusal to question his policies. There are several current stories that should be the most talked about items in the news, but they go silent and ignored. The Administration’s flimsy excuses are reported as truth in the media. Consider:

  1. Fast & Furious = the transportation of illegal firearms to Mexican drug lords that directly related to the murder of border agents. Why isn’t this on the front page of every newspaper in the nation?
  2. Voter Fraud = the refusal to address blatant attempts to register Democrats illegally. Eric Holder’s response: “It doesn’t exist.”
  3. Arab Spring = we are witnessing an utter failure of foreign policy of the Administration, yet the media is obediently reporting that the murder of our ambassadors is because of an American cheap movie trailer.
  4. Unemployment = we are also witnessing the longest recession in American history, but the media is consistently “shocked” at unemployment numbers that aren’t springing upward from the Administration’s predictions.
  5. Deficit = the Obama administration has raised our national deficit more than all previous presidents combined. We were reminded of Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility all throughout the 2008 election. Hardly a peep from the 2012 media.

With these issues haunting the incumbent president, why on earth is the Romney/Obama race even close? People are actually considering another four years of these problems? I cannot think of any other reason than they are not given the powerful tools of thinking that a functional media can give them.

Question: Who are you voting for in on November 6, and why?

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  • Finally, 14 years later, the media finds out that #Obama believes in redistribution: – YouTube

    Oh wait, this is a YouTube video put out by alternative media. Proves my point: today’s media is not doing its job.

  • I agree partly. I do think the media is helping Obama to be re-elected. I think the trouble with Romney is his views on women. Women are afraid their pro-choice rights will go away. Romney has stated that if given the chance, he will pick Supreme Court judges that will overturn Roe v Wade. That scares people because the Pro-Life movement wants to save babies but there is little to no support after the baby is here.

    I’m very disappointed in the GOP. They have ruined the republican party by using morality issues as their platform instead of the other issues this country has.

    • I disagree that there is no support for after the baby is here… there is a huge adoption movement moving through the churches right now, as well as ministries to help women who want to keep their babies….. That is old rhetoric for giving an excuse for abortion. There is no excuse!

      • Not every Pro-Life person steps up to help after the baby is here. Not every woman with an unwanted pregnancy belongs to a church or has access to the adoption movement in the churches. Until those two things happen, abortion will continue.

        I was pointing out why some people have a problem with Romney. That’s all.

    • You really think this social issue is the reason to vote Obama? I’d encourage you to think about the economic ruin of our country. In a country that prospers, children are most welcome as the blessings they are.

      • I’m not saying that’s why I would vote Obama. I’m saying that’s what I’m hearing about why people won’t consider Romney. I do think the GOP should lay off the social issues until our country is okay financially. People get irritated that the government is wasting time on things like Gay marriage. I don’t care if gays can marry. I care that funding for schools is severely lacking. The GOP is focusing on issues that shouldn’t be on the front burner right now.

  • One thing I have wondered about in the past is how is it that countries that were not totalitarian then become so…. of course, one of the things that is done first is taking over the media…. propaganda…. censored media…. So… what would that look like in it’s infancy stages?

  • I also think the GOP is suffering because they picked Sarah Palin last time as the VP candidate. I love Sarah but she did not do the GOP any favors because she wasn’t qualified to be VP. That choice has made people leery wondering where the party is going. This completely unfair to Romney but I do feel that is what is happening. The GOP needs a major shakeup at the top because they have completely forgotten their constituents and have an agenda that doesn’t match the constituents agenda.

    I wish Romney could run on his own. I live in Massachusetts. He did a fabulous job in Massachusetts as Governor because he was moderate instead of completely on the right. The GOP will not allow moderate candidates to run for President.

    Our country is divided. We need a party to bring us together. We can disagree on issues but the disagreement now is so far left and right, there is no room for compromise.

    • Subscribe to my site. Consider it your first step to exiting the media’s hold on you. Several of the things you say are, I believe, reactions to what the media told you to believe, not reactions to reality. I have some more posts coming that will bring more clarity to thinking this through.

      • I’m already subscribed. Love getting the emails that say you have a new post. I subscribed to your mom’s too 🙂

    • RickStevens

      While I will agree that Sarah Palin may not have been the best choice for VP, best does not always mean right. Case in point, Governor Palin had infinitely more experience as a chief executive than the current President when he was running for the office and it didn’t seem to matter to those who voted for him.

  • Cathy

    The media is campaigning for Obama, no doubt about it!! I have concerns about Romney because I don’t think there is enough difference between the republicans and the democrats. I would like to see us return to the constitution, but I don’t think there are enough intelligent, informed people in this country to make it happen.

    • The world has changed too much to go back to the constitution. Besides, the constitution was not perfect. Slavery was legal and women couldn’t vote.

      • To say that we should abandon the Constitution because the world has changed too much since its writing is like saying we should abandon automobiles because the Model T wasn’t fuel efficient. The Constitution changes with amendments to the Constitution. It’s the beauty of the original document that allowed for its adjustments.

  • RickStevens

    There are a lot of things that can be said about the 2012 election – of course, none of it matters if the Mayans were right 🙂 But, since I don’t think that they were, as a registered voter who has served his Constitutional duty of jury service, I have no real choice but to vote. This is where the “fun” begins. Having spent 15 years teaching about the various marketing strategies to employ for selling customers on your product/service AND teaching consumers how to not be swayed by marketing, I both love and hate the political ads from most candidates, regardless of their party affiliation. What I taught my Consumer Economics students was the concept of making the product stand on its own; don’t let someone else’s opinion sway you, don’t let the flashy advertising draw your attention away from the real question at hand: is this a high-quality product where the benefits are worth the cost? Applying this to the Presidential election, I look at the current record of our Commander-in-Chief. What benefits have the country received through a result of his leadership? We have seen political appointees in positions of law enforcement who believe they are above the law. We have a Secretary of the Treasury (whose job it is to collect taxes) who failed to pay his own taxes. We were “given” a univeresal healthcare reform package that is neither universal (still 30 million uninsured) nor reformative (forces me to pay for services I don’t want/need/believe to be in line with God’s view of life). While I obviously don’t know how the Republican alternative would have acted in the same scenarios, I can clearly see that the current alternative is not the best. I will be voting Romney/Ryan in November and hoping for some change.

  • James

    Perhaps it would be best to focus your energies on supporting your family and improving your relationship with your two oldest girls, rather than writing about your frustration with the election.

  • Case in point:

    Can you even IMAGINE the reporting that would go on if Romney hosted such a fundraiser?

  • Not a fan of Mic Money

    If Mic Money is the best the republicans can come up with, after a very entertaining pass with Sarah Palin than why not enjoy the show. Truth of the matter is the last bit of disclosure was so entertaining, no need to turn to another channel- Telling his fundraising attendee’s about the 47 or so percent of the people who do not pay federal income tax, t are all suckling off the teet of the government, when in all good probability he pays no personal income tax, and yes it is all legal. Any family with just a few children benefits from the Earned Income Credit, those with many children and even much income would be hard pressed to pay Personal Income Tax- actually the gov’t be paying them a hefty refund, just for having the kiddies- courtesy of George W, so really who is Mr. Mic Money really talking about, the uneducated folks in the south who yearn to move up the ladder- the stats are clear, the majority of the people who pay the no taxes are not the blue states, but the red states who lack the insight to see that Mic Money would not even put them on the roof of his car. This candidate is so out of touch with the right or the left, he should take his wife’s horse and ride up and down on his car elevator a few times, then head off to the Cayman Islands to check on his cash- out of touch Mic Money, made Ryan show him 10 years of taxes to be vetted for his would be position, above his own policy’s.
    So many people are against Obama simply for the color of his skin, honestly we have a very bright man in office, who has the interests of the people, not the interests of a few, perhaps when he wins this terms the republicans will actually work with him since they will be endanger of loosing their positions and the country can actually benefit.

    • You’re giving me way too much to respond to. How about you throw ONE of the arguments you made above — the best one — and I’ll respond. I may just write an entire post on it. So, which of the above comment is the best reason to vote against “Mic Money”?

  • Jim

    The VP candidate you support just told the world he has a BMI of 6. Even elite world athletes have BMIs higher than that!
    Is a dishonest candidate (“I ran a marathon in under three hours. . . “) really the best for this country. At least Biden’s plagiarism occurred 44 years ago–Ryan is lying today!

    • Okay, Jim, you had your say. I think you’re grasping for a reason to prefer a plagiarist over a buff economist. But, to each his own.

      • Jim

        Actually, I don’t prefer Biden. I think plagiarism is reprehensible. However, I feel the same way about lies about BMI and marathon times.

        • RickStevens

          I’m probably opening a can or worms, here, but…do you feel the same way about a President who lies, then covers up the lie, and then lies about covering up the lie, all the while innocent people have been killed? That is what has just happened in reference to the issues in Libya and Egypt from our current commander-in-chief. Being wrong about a marathon time from 25 years ago or your BMI is hardly what I would call a reason to disqualify a person for a leadership role.

          • Jim

            Lying is always wrong. Ryan’s liies were notable because they were so silly, so self-serving, and seemed to reveal so much insecurity.

            • RickStevens

              But what lies aren’t self-serving? Isn’t that the point of the lie? While Ryan’s “lies” (and I use the quotes because I don’t remember what my time was in the last cross country race I ran 25 years ago, so I’d be lying if I said one) are silly, the point is that they haven’t gotten anyone killed. They have been about obscure things such as BMI and a marathon time. Is the weight on your driver’s license perfectly accurate? If not, then in your own book it’s a lie and should disqualify you from leadership.

  • TiffNkids

    This is why I watch Fox News only…CNN and the other ones LOVE Obama and are extremly biased….I will vote for Mitt Romney…not because he is republican, or because he is a great business man…. (although those are good attributes)..It is because he is Pro-Life…anyone whom Values a Person and the sanctity of life means that he has a heart..If he will protect the unborn, then I feel he will better protect ALL Americans. Each child is a true blessing!!! but back to the Original topic, the Media wants Obama back in…if they reported the TRUTH Romney would be 80% in the polls…..