My iPhone Has Changed My Life

I don’t carry a wallet any longer. Nor do I wear a watch. And I don’t lug around a digital camera anymore either. I have my iPhone to thank for that.

I have a card-holder case. I carry two cards, my drivers license and debit card. Whenever I need to know the time, I don’t pull up my wrist; I whip out my phone and press the single front button. There’s the time right there – plus any text or phone messages. A camera is just as handy, and the new iPhone takes beautiful pictures.

Wallets, watches and cameras have all been replaced by my iPhone. Has your smart phone replaced so much for you? Consider these changes. 

I still have my stack of “other” cards and IDs – traditionally kept in my wallet – but I keep them at my desk in my home office. I have a nice LCR camera I use for professional photography, but a watch has turned out to be utterly useless. But the iPhone has become my go-to, must-need, “where did I set that down” device. You know, the things that my wallet, watch and camera used to be.

Then there are apps. iPhone apps are a whole new world of changes. I don’t consider myself hog-wild into apps, but here are the ones that get my attention: Productivity Apps. Consider:

  • Evernote has replaced my need for a notepad.
  • Google Calendar has replaced my need for a DayTimer.
  • Who needs a briefcase? Most of my documents are in the cloud, and Mobile Drive solves for that.
  • Theater and airline tickets are not needed anymore; just have your scan ready at check-in.

Here are clunky replacements that I’m sure will be coming soon:

  • I still hustle to find my car keys.
  • I still carry cash (seldom change).
  • I still need to use my YMCA card to workout.

Question: Has your smart phone changed your life?

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  • Bea76

    No smartphones here. No way we could afford the data plans on one phone much less two.