My Last Giveaway…Now What?

This past week I gave away $100 worth of my latest book, the last one shipping this morning. Thank you for participating in this campaign. Now that you’re subscribed, what’s next?

Jeub's Guide to Speech & Debate

For you, not much. You get to kick back and enjoy 3-4 emails per week on whatever I’m talking about. Me, on the other hand: I’ve got my work cut out. See, I made a promise to you when you subscribed:

I will breathe life into every post,
seeking to encourage and challenge us
to pursue free and prosperous lives.

I’m taking this promise seriously. I read and re-read this several times throughout my work week. I have it in my signature on my email and posted on my About Me page. I’m blogging with this promise in mind. And I’m jazzed that you’re the recipient of my promise to you.

I don’t want to waste your time, so I’m focused on three unique focal points that I enjoy blogging about. These are probably the reasons you subscribed in the first place. (Sure, you wanted a free book, but I hope you stick around anyway.) Real quick, here are my blogging themes:

  1. Speech and Debate. Well, of course. I’m the pres of Training Minds; I run debate camps; I publish speech curriculum and write books about it. But even if you’re not into this small (but growing) community, you’ll understand from my enthusiasm that there is much more to this speech and debate thing than academics. I am out to “train minds for action” — action much bigger and better than trophies stacked up in your parents’ attic. Great things in life await the trained speaker and debater. That’s exciting stuff worth talking about!
  2. Family Life. In a family of 18, there is hardly a boring moment. Come to think of it, I haven’t been bored for years! It is incredibly cool to have so many beautiful children in such a dynamic household. I invite you into my home through my blog posts now and then, sharing with you the deep and meaningful challenges of life and love.
  3. Business. I used to think this wasn’t so important, but I am beginning to see how much I have to share on the topic of business. I believe we’re witnessing a dramatic shift in how people make a living. The 9-5 job and 40-50 year career is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Building platforms and communicating with a world market — something I’ve been doing for years — is the future. I’ve got a lot of enthusiasm and a ton of great ideas for you.

That’s it in a nutshell. Join in the conversation as I continue to pour life into every post, seeking to encourage and challenge you to pursue a free and prosperous life.

Who Won?

By the way, here are the winners of the book giveaway:

  • Tuesday: Cathy O. from New York, NY
  • Wednesday: Krissy V. from Springfield, MO
  • Thursday: Connie M. from Daggett, MI
  • Friday:  John & Barb B. from Hartsdale, NY
  • Today: Barb L. from San Jose, CA

If you didn’t win, the book is definitely worth $20. Order your copy here.