I’ve been self-employed since 2004. I absolutely love it, and I enjoy blogging about the things I learn as a self-employed entrepreneur. I’m never lacking content because I’m learning every single day.

What do I do? My life revolves around the following business-related interests…

  1. Business Development. I have my MBA from Regis University in Electronic Media (2005). I contract with educational companies to help develop their electronic and social media.
  2. Speech and Debate Curriculum. I own Monument Publishing, a publishing firm dedicated to academic speakers and debaters. I work with over 50 authors to develop yearly curriculum.
  3. Forensics Education. I am president of Training Minds Ministry, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training academic speakers and debaters.

These three interests keep me plenty busy, but you may contact me any time if you believe I could help you in your business ventures. I’m a big believer in vibrant business, entrepreneurship and solopreneurship. Always feel free to contact me.

My Sweet Home Office Sweet

I wrote a book that I would like you to have for free. It’s called My Sweet Home Office Suite. It describes my journey in building a corner of my home dedicated to my work. I have all sorts of practical information that may help you if you’re building your home, but I bet you’ll catch the spirit for why I’m doing this.

Consider this review from Dan Hayes, podcast director of Simple Life Together:

I have to admit, I was fooled by the title of Chris’ book My Sweet Home Office Suite. I naively thought it was about how he built a place to work from. As I, too, had built my own office, I was intrigued and dove right into this easy read.

Well, what I quickly learned was that, while Chris did thoroughly chronicle the build of his beautiful home office, the true message of the book goes far, far beyond construction. Matter of fact, what Chris really teaches us is “deconstruction!”

In the spirit of the great teachers throughout history, Chris uses a true-to-life parable to deconstruct some very important life lessons and life skills. With his office build as a centerpiece, he leads us through the phases of his effort; from the idea and planning, to execution and lessons learned. Along the way, the reader learns the “whats” and “hows” you’d expect during a construction project, but is also blessed with the real lessons like the “whys” and “how to apply” that we all best learn from parables. In the end, the reader has effortlessly absorbed a terrific story of personal creation, but also deep lessons in applying our individual talents, relationships, business planning, and personal triumph.

Trust me, My Sweet Home Office Suite is a quick read that might just start you on your way to not only building a place to work from, but a better place to live your life.

This short PDF is chock full of pictures and details of my home office project. I want you to have this free download. Let me know how your project goes!

Free Download

I’d love to hear from you on your journey to create YOUR Sweet Home Office Suite. Stay in touch,

Chris Jeub