My Three Niche Markets

I successfully cater to two niche markets: family-friendly parents and homeschool speakers and debaters. As promised, I released my Black Friday Deals today (I announced this last week on the post “Deal, Deliver, Done”). I’ve been developing these niches for over a dozen years, but you are my third niche. Today’s post is taking a peak into my thinking and planning. Because…

I’m fleshing out my third niche market, and that includes you. Big time. is speaking to an exciting niche, and you’ll want to stay in touch. [Tweet this]

In today’s post, I’d like to quickly explain my original two niches to you, then explain the new niche – that’s you – here at This is sort of a long post, but it is a peak inside my greater strategy for my family business. There is continuity to what I’m doing, and I suspect you’ll reap some of its benefits.

Market 1: Families for Love in the House

My first market is that of families: moms and dads with 2+ kids. You may already know the story. My wife, Wendy, and I were featured on TLC in 2007 and have enjoyed being spokespeople for family living. Yes, we have 16 kids, and life is awesome in our full house. Many people mistake our message is about “all those kids,” but that isn’t the case. Our message is best summed up as Love in the House, the name of our bestselling book, whose subtitle is paraphrased:

Fill your house with love, the Greatest Commandment for every family.

We have written five books for this audience. Our deal this week consists of (1) a stocking stuffer $10 gift certificate, (2) a choice of two of our books for only $25, and (3) our complete set of books for $50. If you get the second deal for $25, we throw in the 1st deal for free.

If you’re interested, check out today’s announcement. But for, remember this: love is the most important commandment in life. Don’t forget it.

Market 2: Training for Forensics Competition

I’ve been dealing speech and debate curriculum since the start of the homeschool league in 1996. It’s exciting stuff. A handful of coaches and I travel the country training national competitors – and the competitors go on to take top awards at numerous leagues. We’re quite proud of the good work we’ve done. Its purpose can be summed up as:

Train the mind to think, speak and persuade. [Tweet this]

The deal this week is very similar to Jeub Family’s deals: (1) a $10 tournament package, (2) a $25 pick-two-texts deal – plus a free $10 tournament package, and (3) an $80 back of goodies for only $50. If you’re into speech and debate, any of these deals will be attractive. Check out the announcement page here.

But for, think of the key verse for Training Minds: “Train the mind for action” (1 Peter 1:13). We’ve got training down, but the “for action” part of that verse is lacking. Which is why I was chomping at the bit to launch Check out the vision for our future:

Market 3: For Action at

I’m an entrepreneur who has a track record of providing for my family with that which I love, and I just know that you are able to do the same. Can you see how this is coming together? If you have a passionate desire to come alive and do that which you are called to do, count me in as your biggest supporter, teacher, cheerleader and advocate. Let me sum it up this way:

If you have purpose and a will to act on that which you love, subscribe to [Tweet this]

I believe the world we live in is changing so rapidly that most of us miss the opportunities that are right before our very noses. The topics we discuss are exciting, and I don’t want you to miss out. There is so much to talk about: self-reliance, economic principles, business relationships, etc. Much of my success has been by mistake, but my blog here attempts to broadcast what I’ve learned and what I’ve done well.

I just wish I had product to sell you like I do the other two audiences, but it’s still too early. The Jeub Family and Training Minds Deals are sort of “secret” anyway – meaning, the publisher is not yet publicizing them – but the two audiences I serve are up for first-dibs in the deals. By next Christmas I’ll have this third audience fleshed out with a host of products and services for its own Christmas Deal.

Thanks for reading so much; this was a long blog post. You have a glimpse into what I’ve got going on. For now, enjoy the daily blog posts (they’re all I have to offer at the moment) and enjoy the journey toward acting on that which you love. Let others know about it by using the social links below.